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Position your organization to recruit, support, retain, and promote high-potential women

Leadership coaching for women to make your organization stronger. Find out how we can help.


Women are leaving the workforce at much higher rates than men. What is your organization doing to retain them?

Even before the pandemic, women only represented 25% of senior management roles. There were more male CEOs named John… than there were female CEOs.

Any progress that was slowly being gained has been undone by the pandemic, with estimates reporting more than 3 million women leaving the workforce in 2020.

It’s critical that organizations make intentional efforts to invest in the retention and development of talented women leaders.


Is your workplace working for women?

How do you know?

Start with downloading a copy of Women in the Workplace Assessment to understand how your workplace is progressing, or not, with gender equality.


My leadership programs for women can help.

My leadership coaching offers a safe environment for women to…

  • Explore and establish goals

  • Develop an authentic leadership brand

  • Enhance self-promotion

  • Build strategic networks

  • Overcome barriers getting in the way of career advancement

…to ultimately help your organization close the gender gap and expand impact.

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How We Can Work Together


If you are looking for a powerful speaker for your next conference on the topic of culture, gender, and equality at work, you have arrived.

To my keynotes and presentations, I bring my wealth of knowledge and practical advice on how to advance women into more senior leadership roles, and how to make your workplace work better for women.

Whether you are trying to motivate your leadership teams, foster a greater understanding of how you can put gender equality to practice, my goal is to inspire your audience to change.


LeadHERship is a 12-week leadership development program for women. Designed to help women navigate their careers, and develop their leadership potential, this program will help women break through their career plateaus and achieve their ultimate career goals. Led by acclaimed women’s leadership coach Harriette Schumacher, LeadHERship helps driven women redefine success, and take the next big step in their careers.

We’ve helped hundreds of women navigate workplace challenges, and partnered with organizations globally to build a pipeline of strong female leaders.

Ready to advance your career?

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Discover the path that’s right for you


What past clients are saying

Hi, I’m Harriette Schumacher, a Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Development Expert with 20+ years of global experience.

For the past two decades, I’ve been a trusted advisor to global organizations seeking business and leadership transformation, including Ford, Amazon, Walmart, Estee Lauder, Samsung, and Emera.

My work with Fortune 500 executives enables me to understand what’s required to make big shifts and generate results and lead through volatility and ambiguity.

In a world of overpromising, quick fixes, and one-size-fits-all solutions, I offer a partnership to my clients, guiding them through the challenging (but worth it!) deep inner work that leads to greater leadership effectiveness.

Let’s discuss how to elevate women inside your organization.

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