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Executive coaching for sustainable behaviour change & lasting organizational impact

Providing your leaders with more clarity, courage, and commitment to accelerate their performance.


Powerful conversations help your leaders navigate today’s complexity & confidently lead your organization into tomorrow.

Through my relationship-focused executive coaching process, leaders are given a rare opportunity to talk about obstacles and sticking points that are affecting their life or impeding their professional growth.

I ask questions, share impartial observations, and provide tools to help my clients reach their goals faster. As a result, my clients make lasting changes to their life and leadership, a positive transformation that reverberates throughout their organization.

The executive coaching benefits you can expect:

Increasing self-awareness to address gaps in performance

Articulating a strong vision for their leadership & for your organization

Identifying a clear & manageable direction for development

Uncovering blind spots & shifting their approach accordingly

Building the confidence & courage to lead themselves and others

Building resilience & balance to sustain energy to follow through on goals

How it works

Coaching partnerships are 6-12 months long

Discovery & Alignment

Gather a concrete measure of leadership effectiveness to help you understand the relationship between how you think and behave impact your effectiveness.

  • Onboarding call with key stakeholders
  • Leadership Circle 360 Assessment
  • 90-minute 360 debrief call

Personalized Leadership Development

Integrate the feedback from the 360 assessment into a custom roadmap, deepen your approach to leadership, set stretch goals, and make a positive impact on those around you.

  • Custom Personalized Leadership Development Plan
  • Two private 60-minute sessions via Zoom each month
  • Email and text support in between
  • Creation of an “accountability circle” for added support
  • Periodic pulse surveys to track progress
  • Resources and check-in provided as needed

Measuring & Building on Results

Measure how much progress has been made and which areas may still require work, and create a plan for building on these results.

  • Pulse survey results & discussion
  • Assessment of personal growth
  • Discussion of next steps!

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Hi, I’m Harriette Schumacher, a Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Development Expert with 20+ years of global experience.

For the past two decades, I’ve been a trusted advisor to global organizations seeking business and leadership transformation, including Ford, Amazon, Walmart, Estee Lauder, Samsung, and Emera.

My work with Fortune 500 executives enables me to understand what’s required to make big shifts and generate results and lead through volatility and ambiguity.

In a world of overpromising, quick fixes, and one-size-fits-all solutions, I offer a partnership to my clients, guiding them through the challenging (but worth it!) deep inner work that leads to greater leadership effectiveness.

Trusted by today’s leading brands


In times of rapid change or disruption the responsibilities of a leader become all the more challenging. It’s through these volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times that coaching is needed more than ever.

If you are ready to move from disruption to opportunity, start with a copy of “Executive Coaching: Why Leaders Need Coaching, Especially in Times of Disruption“.


Am I the right executive coach for your organization?

If the following rings true for you, we’re a match:

  • You’re fed up with the off-the-shelf approaches offered by big-box coaching firms

  • You believe in the power of relationships to transform and facilitate lasting change

  • You want to offer your leaders more than tools & strategies — instead, a container for deep work

  • You know your leaders need accountability to follow through on tangible steps toward their goals

  • You believe in investing in your female team members to bring more women into leadership roles

  • You want to be sure your coaching investment comes with a documented ROI!

See if my approach is right for your organization.