Accountability is at the heart of my work.

I offer executive coaching, women’s leadership development, and team development for organizations looking for lasting change.


Coaching should give you a significant return on investment — and accountability is how I deliver on that promise.

In my former corporate career, I was responsible for large-scale and complex people development strategies, so I know what it’s like to spend money and hope for results that may never appear.

I’ve also designed and delivered curriculums for numerous national and international companies and managed multi-million dollar training budgets. I get that the rate of return is an extremely important factor in determining what people and programs to invest in.

This is why my entire coaching approach focuses on accountability at the heart of all our work together.

CEOs of Fortune 500 companies work with me because they recognize how my approach is different from most: I speak the language of leadership development; I understand the complexities of business today, and I understand what it’s like to be a leader in the midst of all of that.

I don’t just look at ways to improve my clients as people — while that is a perk — but I also look at ways to improve the organization as a whole through their leadership.

Here’s how I can support your leaders:

Executive Coaching

Help leaders gain the skills and mindset to thrive in a complex environment.

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Women’s leadership development

Propel women in your organization toward leadership positions.

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Team development

Create teams that communicate and collaborate effectively.

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I’m a trusted advisor and leadership coach for 40+ organizations, including Fortune 500 companies and local organizations

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