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"LeadHERship was the fit I needed because continuing the way I was going was not healthy.

I felt validation and empowerment.”"

—Karolya Vargscarr

Beth Grady 1

"LeadHERship is seriously a game changer.

It will transform your mindset and give you the tools to make changes and propel yourself forward."

—Beth Grady


"LeadHERship is 100% worth the time. Ignore the voice that says you don't have the time during work hours;

the value is tenfold the time you take from your workday."

—Kyla Morgan

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"It was almost like a breath of fresh air listening to the other challenges women face both at work and personally.

I finally realized that I was not alone in this struggling chapter of life, my story was different, but many others have the same insecurities, worries and stresses.”

—Lisa Cudmore

Catherine Fox

"I got a fresh perspective

... on a lot of leadership areas that I didn't even realize had grown stagnant for me — so I'm looking at things like prioritization and accountability in a whole new way."

—Catherine Fox

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"The LeadHERship program provides coaching, accountability, tools and support...

...to get the results you are looking for and set goals for the future."

—Jennifer Lonergan


"This discovery transformed the way I showed up at work....

...taking charge of my career and what is possible rather than waiting and asking for permission."

—Vanyah Harrigan


"My investment in LeadHERship paid off with a job advancement...

...within 8 months of beginning the program."

—Martha Hradowy

Read More Testimonials:

“I highly recommend the LeadHerShip program! I got so much more out of this than I anticipated. The variety of topics covered makes for an extremely well-rounded overview of leadership in general, but then drills down into specific topics so well that they are immediately applicable to the workplace, or your personal development. 

Harriette is an outstanding coach. She is not only an extremely skilled coach, but also approachable and just so damned likable! Whether you are looking to work on your time management skills, how to improve your relationship with money, or my favourite – dealing with change management … Harriette’s got you covered. I have made huge strides in my strategy development with the skills gained from this course, as well as applied a lot of the small tips shared among the group in my day to day work. Take this course – you won’t be sorry.”

—Sharon Cattan, Senior Corporate Social Responsibility and Internal Communications Specialist, ANBL

“LeadHerShip was absolutely transformational for me. When I began Harriette’s 6-week intensive coaching program, I was holding onto resentment from what had gone wrong in my career, and was extremely unclear on where my path was headed and what I truly wanted. By week 3, I had a major breakthrough – I found the clarity and vision I had been seeking for years. Six weeks of professional development with Harriette allowed me to grow more as a professional than I had in years of searching on my own. If you are a woman who knows she has what it takes, but is having trouble figuring out just how to get there, you need Harriette’s LeadHerShip program. I have found my confidence again, gotten clear on what exactly it is that I want, and have a solid plan on how to get there."

—Jillian Robinson, Marketing Manager, Resulta

“Harriette is a very powerful coach who is always looking at how to create value for her clients. She works with great passion and joy! This is inspirational for her clients! She is courageous and not afraid to take risks that she feels are the best ones to embark upon. If you are a person who is open to a learning and growth mindset and who wants to be brave and is ready to be challenged then you will benefit from working with her. Leaders from a variety of organizations would benefit from her expertise. Whether you are a new leader, or a seasoned one. Harriette has verve, and a no nonsense approach!”

—Winnehl Tubeman, New York City, New York

“LeadHerShip helped bring both personal and professional goals into perspective for me. Even though it was delivered virtually, Harriette and my fellow LeadHerShip participants were able to create a feeling of community and support. LeadHerShip brought me unexpected insights and motivation. It was effective executive coaching but also surprisingly fun.” 

—Barbara Campbell, VP Commercialization, Oberland Agriscience