Shannon Leblanc

Chief Operations Officer at Hallmark Dental Laboratory Ltd

“If you are willing to commit to the change you want to see in your life and career, get off the fence and jump in! It’s more than worth it.”

Shannon LeBlanc Hallmark Dental

When the leadership team at Shannon’s organization took the COVID-19 Lockdown as an opportunity to restructure their formal management systems, Shannon formally moved into her role of Chief Operations Officer. In this role, she works to ensure that the projects and changes taken on by her organization align with its objectives.

The COVID situation was stressful for her team to adapt to, and Shannon noticed that the projects they were working on were not progressing as quickly as they could have because she was the only one pushing.

“I felt like I was spinning my wheels quite often. I was pushing my team to complete tasks but no one was taking accountability, because I was owning that accountability. I was stressed out and tired.”

Shannon was looking for a way to expand her leadership and communication skills.

“I was feeling very frustrated and self-restricted.”

Shannon had read numerous leadership books and articles and had worked with coaches in the past, but the coaching programs were targeted towards strategic planning, not leadership. After discovering LeadHERship, Shannon signed up because she loves her career and wanted to see her company – and of course herself – grow. She wanted to understand how to share her perspective to the table without coming across as aggressive but still maintain her integrity.

“It's challenging working in an executive position with all men. I wanted to learn from women in similar positions. I wanted to learn how to navigate as a woman in this executive world, share in the knowledge and experience of other women and have a safe place to truly express myself.”

The LeadHERship program has had a tremendous impact on Shannon. She no longer has any self doubt when meeting her team and can clearly express her opinions while tempering her emotions. She sees the leadership team looking to her and working together better. She no longer is pushing the team to succeed, they are all pulling towards the same goal.

“I have a better understanding of myself. I understand how the team sees me. I have tools to carry with me and reflect on what I’ve learned about myself and how I interact with others. This was very challenging. I have never turned the lens on myself to this level. It was an amazing experience to push myself, but I also feel validated about the woman leader I am and can grow into.”

Shannon loved watching the group grow together as she grew herself and developed close relationships with women who inspire her every day. She cheered as each woman shared successes and cried with them when they shared setbacks.

“If you are willing to commit to the change you want to see in your life and career, get off the fence and jump in! It’s more than worth it.”