Michelle Carter

Owner of Sincerely, Skin

“It was very validating and enlightening. It pushed me to be better and work on the areas that needed improvement.”

Michelle is the owner and sole decision maker for Sincerely Skin. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Michelle was rebranding her business and was interested in learning more about her leadership. She wanted to improve as a leader in order to enhance her own personal and professional growth as well as the growth of her company.

“Leadership seemed to be the missing piece to rounding out the rebrand. It all comes from the top.”

Her business was greatly impacted by the pandemic. Shannon and her team took financial, emotional, and mental hits. Despite all of this, and the added stress of personal issues occurring within her family, Shannon was optimistic about the future and excited to make positive changes to her business.

I was working with several coaches while implementing the rebrand and always investing in personal and professional growth. Once she found about LeadHERship, she knew it was different because it would help her learn specifically about her own leadership and round out everything she was working on.

“Harriette showed confidence, knowledge, and expertise in the area. I was drawn to her style of coaching/teaching and the program was very specific.”

Michelle knew that she would benefit from learning from like-minded women and the LeadHERship program would set her up for success as a leader.

“It was very validating and enlightening. It pushed me to be better and work on the areas that needed improvement. It pushed me to implement new systems and practices in my business that were lacking.”

Shannon loved everything about her LeadHERship experience, especially working with Harriette and getting to know the other women in the group. LeadHERship met her exactly where she was at and supported her leadership growth.

“You will quickly learn about your own personal leadership and how to enhance the areas that need work. The process is easy to follow, the resources are available for ongoing review, you get to hang out with other women experiencing similar issues and be guided and supported by someone who really cares about your development.”

“Harriette is a force and a champion for women in the leadership space. Her expertise and wisdom are far reaching beyond leadership. She coaches with passion, care and depth guiding and supporting women to become effective leaders. I’m grateful to have Harriette in my corner as an anchor for my leadership development and growth. Her guidance and approach provided a safe space to explore areas that needed improvement while celebrating areas that met the mark. She meets you where you are and moves you to the next level with compassion.”