Michelle Bussey

NSCC Foundation and Alumni Relations

“Do it! And commit fully. You have to dig deep… sometimes to uncomfortable depths.”

Michelle is the Executive Director of the NSCC Foundation and Alumni Relations, and sets objectives with her team. She is accountable for the entire business plan and was feeling overwhelmed. Michelle was lacking focus and was unsure of her direction and purpose.

“I was in a funk, my team was looking for strong direction, my results were very task based. I was still accomplishing goals but I wasn’t connecting the dots or thinking about the possibilities.”

Before joining LeadHERship, Michelle tried to learn about leadership through books, conferences, and from those around her. She knew that she needed to take action and put herself first before she could help her team or those around her. LeadHERship provided her with a safe place to share and grow with other like-minded women. The regular sessions, peer-to-peer support, one-on-one coaching and open discussion had a huge impact on her.

“Honestly, it was life changing. Not only in my work but also in my personal life. I’m more focused and motivated in everything I do. I’ve found and kept focus on myself and work life balance.”

By looking at her values, Michelle was able to reprioritize what was most important and learned how to use her time better. It set her on a sustainable path and she was able to develop greatly under intentional guidance.

“Do it! And commit fully. You have to dig deep (sometimes to uncomfortable depths).”

“A huge thank you to Harriette and my cohort. You have all made me find my purpose.”