Lisa Cudmore

Auction Transport Services Inc.

“When it comes to personal and business growth, you need to invest in yourself. When you join, go in honest, raw and watch your life change.”

Lisa Cudmore

Lisa is part of her organization’s leadership team. She oversees the dispatch department and is the sole dispatcher for their fleet. She plays a key role in the growth of Auction Transport as well as in the day-to-day operations. She recently went through a life-changing loss that affected her immensely. Lisa was feeling stuck in her day-to-day role. She needed to find her way and the tools on how to do it.

“I felt like the disappointments of life had shrunk my existence of who I was and who I saw in the mirror every day.”

Lisa’s day-to-day work results were minimal. She was bitter at times and, some days dreading leaving the house. She just got up and tried to prepare herself to fake it as best as she could. Lisa’s interaction with the staff and the people she dealt with day to day were forced at times, and she would always try to hide her struggles and give answers people wanted to hear.

“I saw zero results in my life.” 

She felt like a boat with a broken sail, drifting back and forth but not going anywhere.

After a discussion with her boss, they decided Lisa could greatly benefit from LeadHERship. Lisa could see this would impact her as it was leadership-based where other programs were more personal, life coaching structured.

“No one knew me, and no one knew my story. I could go in raw and honest and really dig for results that would stick.”

Since completing LeadHERship, Lisa has grown immensely as a leader and in her personal growth as well. As a child, Lisa was taught that children are seen and not heard, she had no voice, but she was scared to use what she did have. Now she feels that she is a great listener and a compassionate, fierce woman who can speak her mind and not react instantly to conversations.

“I have learned to speak up, to listen and listen to hear, not listen to react. I have also learned to love my story, the good, the bad and the ugly. They are a part of me but are not who I am. I am not the failures and disappointments I have lived. It has also given me the ability to see people differently and to be more present in my relationships.”

LeadHERship has had an incredible impact on Lisa’s life.

“Don’t look at it from a money side and the amount. There is so much growth and skill from taking this course with Harriette. When it comes to personal and business growth, you need to invest in yourself. When you join, go in honest, raw and watch your life change. The course material and Harriette’s teachings are very clear and so much information. The Facebook group is another great resource, and Kajabi is awesome!! I downloaded the app and can listen to previously recorded sessions on the go.”

“I just can’t thank Harriette enough for the compassion she has for each of us and how she has been able to relate to some of our struggles. Harriette listens from a listening ear with no judgement whatsoever of your struggle or story.”