Jennifer Lonergan

District Manager, Nova Scotia Environment

“The LeadHERship program provides coaching, accountability, tools and support – to get the results you are looking for and set goals for the future.”

Jennifer is part of a group designing the culture of her organization. She is also a manager of frontline staff who provide excellent public service. She’s been with her organization for 11 years and has 14 direct reports.

Jennifer was VERY close to burnout. She lacked energy and confidence. Her mind felt foggy. She was indecisive, lacked strategic focus and was very passive. She did not consider herself a systems thinker or high achieving.

She was stuck in a downward spiral for a few years. Neither herself or her organization had made her development a priority. This impacted not on Jennifer herself, but her team and her organization.

After participating in the Resilient Female Leader Masterclass, a spark was lit inside her that had burned out a long time ago. She knew she needed more coaching and tools to support her growth as a leader.

Jennifer was ready to change. She needed coaching, support and tools to help her. She was slightly intimidated to join the group however, she liked that the program was 6 months, long enough to make the changes stick. There was also no other program like this available to women in leadership roles.

“Harriette's knowledge and enthusiasm was EXACTLY what I needed.”

The concept of a female only group coaching program sounded intriguing to her however, she did not know the true benefit of being a part of a program with like minded women until she was a part of it. The women in her group were true LeadHERS and offered the most amazing support.

“You could join the sessions from anywhere and be connected with amazing women from all over the continent.”

The LeaderHERship program offered so many platforms and opportunities for Jennifer to learn. 1:1 coaching, group discussions, special guest speaker sessions, workbooks, handouts, survey’s, etc. There was something for every type of learner.

“I know I am a better leader than I was before I started the LeadHERship Program.”

After completing LeadHERship, Jennifer know nows her strengths. She has more confidence. She feels empowered to make changes in her life and her organization.

“I feel more authentically me! I am happier and feel lit up”

Getting to know the women in her group (including Harriette) was one of Jennifer’s favorite parts. Hearing their stories and the support they provided. LeadHERship gave Jennifer the coaching, tools and support for lasting change. She now feels both powerful and empowered.

“The program provides the coaching, accountability, tools and support to get the results you are looking for and set goals for the future.”