Beth Grady

Construction Manager, Bruno Builders

“If you are willing to make the commitment and invest in yourself the benefits you will experience are endless!”

Beth works closely with her company’s founder to identify, develop and define their objectives each quarter. They then make a strategic plan together on how to achieve the goals. This includes mapping out how the entire team can contribute, giving weekly progress updates and celebrating their wins!

Beth found work became incredibly busy and there were not enough hours in the day to get everything done. She felt overwhelmed and exhausted.

Her workload kept growing and she was trying to do everything herself. Professionally, it was difficult to find the time to focus on company objectives and growth. Personally, she was struggling to find balance in her life. Beth was feeling too busy to do the things she really wanted to at work and in life

A colleague who enrolled in a previous Masterclass from Harriette invited her to join. Beth had never participated in leadership training before and loved the experience in the masterclass. She realized that she was standing in her own way. Holding onto beliefs and patterns of behaviour that were limiting her growth.

Beth was feeling too busy to do the things she really wanted to at work and in life.

The company she works for is small and she had no colleagues at the management level to discuss challenges, analyze outcomes or bounce ideas off of. So the idea of having an experienced coach she could confide in was incredibly alluring. Add to that a peer group of inspiring women and she was sold!! Even though Beth had never worked with a coach or taken leadership courses prior she said YES to LeadHERship.

At first, she was a bit nervous to share in a peer group as it was something that she was not accustomed to. Her apprehension was quickly outweighed by the thought of successful women sharing their knowledge and experience. The opportunity intrigued her and was unlike anything she had ever been a part of.

“Harriette’s confidence and energy was contagious!! The unique characteristic of the program being a leadership group for women was also a deciding factor.The opportunity to learn from other women in leadership roles was the most obvious advantage for LeadHERship. I work in a male dominated industry so this was a very unique opportunity. The chance to tap into Harriette’s wealth of knowledge was also exciting.”

Beth experienced incredible takeaways from LeadHERship, including self-awareness. It is not often you receive honest feedback on your performance, especially from such a diverse group of people. Through the 360 assessment, group discussions and personal reflection she was able to make significant changes. She gained a tremendous amount of confidence in herself and her abilities.

“LeadHERship helped me realize my strengths and gave me the tools to develop them. In order to grow you need to be honest with yourself first, embrace vulnerability and take action.”

Through reflection Beth has learned how to let go of the quest for perfection and act in imperfect ways. Her relationships have improved personally and professionally as a result.

Beth has been able to share her experience with many friends and colleagues. She went all in in this intense program and the results showed. She had incredible results that she would not have been able to achieve on her own!

“The support and encouragement from the group was amazing. It was a privilege to be able to spend time with such incredible women.”

“I am extremely likely to recommend LeadHERship to a friend! It was a game changer for me. It inspired me to be better! To strive to be the best version of myself! LeadHERship is seriously a game-changer. It will transform your mindset and give you the tools to makes changes and propel yourself forward.”

“If you are willing to make the commitment and invest in yourself the benefits you will experience are endless! It is truly a unique and rewarding experience. If you want to invest in your future I highly recommend the LeadHERship program!”