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Elevate talented women to thrive as leaders in your organization

Strong female leaders make for strong companies.

SOLD OUT: MARCH 21 – MAY 9, 2022

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Help women navigate workplace challenges — and better position your company to recruit, support, and promote high-potential women.

LeadHERShip is an accelerated women’s leadership development program that offers a safe environment for female leaders to explore and establish goals, develop an authentic leadership brand, enhance self-promotion, build strategic networks, and overcome barriers getting in the way of career advancement.

Developed by Harriette Schumacher, Certified Executive Coach and Women’s Leadership Development Expert, this women’s leadership development program helps address many of the barriers that women must overcome in order to pursue their ambitions in leadership and management roles.

The learning has been designed to better equip women with the tools to navigate challenges and gender biases within the workplace and develop the critical leadership skills to effectively guide, influence, and mentor others.

8 Weeks

An accelerated pace for high focus and fast results

Live Coaching

Accountability and support so participants take action

100% virtual

No added costs for transportation & housing

Program participants will emerge from LeadHERShip transformed:

  • Fully prepared to move into a senior management or C-Suite role

  • Confident in her unique abilities as a leader and how to leverage her strengths

  • Able to navigate challenges like double standards, the second shift, glass ceiling, broken rung, and gender bias

  • Clear on her personal vision, rooted in self-awareness and authenticity

  • Armed with a personal development plan to move into the future with confidence as a female leader

  • Internally motivated to lead positive change in your team or organization

The goal of LeadHERShip? More female leaders wielding…

Positive Impact. Fulfillment. Resilience.

…for strong, balanced organizations.

“My investment in LeadHERship paid off with a job advancement within 8 months of beginning the program”

Martha Hrawdowy
Executive Officer, Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation

LeadHERShip program details

Live weekly training via Zoom

Following our proprietary leadership development curriculum designed to address challenges specific to women

Private online campus

A safe space for participants to ask questions, voice aha’s and challenges, and network with other leaders in the program

Pre-program assessments

Prework to help participants explore their sources of strength, intentions, and pain points as leaders

Post-program support

Mini-board connections to support the implementation of learning commitments post-program

The Schedule:

Module 01: Orientation & Virtual Campus

March 21st, 2022 | 9-1030 EST

Meet your global cohort, prepare for the journey ahead and access your virtual resources.

Module 02: Identify Your Purpose as a Leader

March 28th, 2022 | 9-1030 EST

Acknowledge your abilities as a leader, identify what really matters to you, what you most want to create and articulate your leadership purpose.

Module 03: Reframing & Taking Perspective

April 4th, 2022 | 9-1030 EST

Delve into your beliefs, explore your fears and practice powerful reframing tools to empower you with choice and intention.

Module 04: Become a Powerful Presence

April 11th, 2022 | 9-1030 EST

Learn to stand up and be counted by enhancing your presence. Learn how to align, engage and mobilize others. Be seen the way you want to be seen.

Module 05: Negotiation Skills

April 18th, 2022 | 9-1030 EST

Learn and use the power of negotiation to ask for and get what you really want.

Module 06: Building & Leveraging Networks

April 25th, 2022 | 9-1030 EST

Create your ideal network in service of your vision, take steps to strengthen your sponsor relationships.

Module 07: Lead with Intention

May 2nd, 2022 | 9-1030 EST

Learn how to set boundaries, and make renewal and recovery part of your long-term success strategy.

Module 08: Design your Leadership Learning Plan

May 9th, 2022 | 9-1030 EST

Take stock of your learning, self-reflection, commitments and move them to action. Create a personal development plan for your future as a leader.

Women in your organization make up half of your talent pipeline. What are you doing to support their unique needs?

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Patty Payne
Senior Manager, Bell Media
“Before I joined the LeadHERship group coaching program, I was struggling to find balance in my life and had forgotten how to put me back on the priority list; in essence I was feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to better my situation. While I was skeptical of how the program may benefit me, I owed it to myself to take the next step and have not regretted taking the leap. Harriette has helped me to recognize where I could introduce boundaries, schedule time for tasks and personal needs, and start to achieve more harmony in my day. In addition, I have had my eyes opened to my many achievements and successes, which is helping to build confidence in my abilities.
I joined LeadHERShip because of Harriette’s pledge to service women and help them succeed. Through the process, I have not only learned from Harriette, but also from the amazing breadth of knowledge and experience shared amongst other female participants in the program. Some of these are simple, common-sense approaches that women lose sight of when juggling so many daily roles and responsibilities. My life will always be a work in progress; however, I am confident that I have developed self-awareness towards becoming my best self.
Women that are struggling with seeking themselves, professionally or personally – or perhaps a combination of both, should give serious consideration to committing to the LeadHerShip program. Females often doubt their abilities, struggle with finding their voices, and owning their power. Harriette can help break through the fog and bring forth clarity to aid in becoming the strong women we are meant to be.”

Meet the LeadHERShip program guide…

Hi! I’m Harriette Schumacher, a Master Certified Executive Coach, women’s leadership expert, and CEO of Big Leap Leadership.

For over 20 years, I’ve led business and leadership transformations for a global clientele. My work with Fortune 500 leaders and my hosting of thousands of fierce conversations enable me to understand what’s required to make big shifts and generate results.

But my personal experience in times of universal uncertainty is what makes me the perfect leadership coach to guide women who are ready to get unstuck and become unstoppable. It’s my mission to empower women with the confidence and strategies needed to elevate their careers, lead authentically, and achieve any goals they set for themselves.

I’ve run a successful coaching business since 2013, but I wouldn’t have made it completely on my own. I had to invest in my own growth: I needed a mentor, someone who could guide me, challenge me and hold me accountable when things got hard and I wanted to give up.

Let me be that person for the talented women in your organization.

Who’s a good fit for LeadHERShip?

LeadHERShip is right for women who…

  • Want to advance their career and become more effective leaders
  • Are prepared to put in the work to achieve their goals
  • Want to be challenged, not just inspired
  • Are committed to growth and no longer want to stay stagnant
  • Thrive with tried and tested systems and strategies to move them forward

LeadHERShip is not for women who…

  • Have no leadership experience. This is an advanced leadership development program for women with at least 3 years of leadership experience.
  • Are looking for a silver bullet. Transformation takes time, but it’s worth it.
  • Just want a cheerleader. This program is for women who want a coach who will be direct and tell them where their blind spots are and how to overcome them.
  • Aren’t sure they have the time or interest to work toward their goals right now.
“LeadHERship is seriously a game-changer. It will transform your mindset and give you the tools to make changes and propel yourself forward.”
Beth Grady
Construction Manager, Bruno Builders

Enrollment for LeadHERShip is open,
but seats are limited.

If this program sounds like a fit for your organization’s female leaders, enroll today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who will run this program?

This program will be facilitated by Harriette Schumacher, Certified Executive Coach, and Women’s Leadership Development Expert.

During my 15-year high-level corporate career, I participated in the development of thousands of leaders, designed and delivered a global curriculum for numerous national and international companies, and managed multi-million dollar training budgets. Through this experience, plus my training and experience as a certified executive coach, I have faced and overcome the exact types of challenges the women at your organization are dealing with.

I’ve run a successful coaching business since 2013, but I wouldn’t have made it completely on my own. I had to invest in my own growth: I needed a mentor, someone who could guide me, challenge me, and hold me accountable when things got hard and I wanted to give up.

Let me be that person for the talented women in your organization.

How will this be different from other leadership training courses?

  1. Accountability and live coaching. There is a huge gap with accountability in training. Typical leadership training courses bring you together for two days, fill you with information and send you packing. There is no one to ask a question to, no additional support when you need it. We know that is not how you get real results. That’s why LeadHERShip prioritizes accountability and hands-on engagement for every participant, including crucial post-program support.
  2. Designed by women for women. We are leadership development experts for women. LeadHERShip isn’t a leadership program with a component about female leaders — it’s an entire curriculum designed to address the unique and nuanced challenges faced by today’s women in our workplaces.

What’s the refund policy?

Since we work with a small group of women at a time, we are unable to offer refunds once payment has been made.

If someone is unable to attend the cohort they have made registration for, we are happy to reallocate their registration to our next available start date.

Unleash the leadership potential of the talented women in your organization.