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Are you ready to advance your career?

leadhership is a 9-week live virtual program for women that empowers you with the skills, strategies, and coaching to increase your impact, advance your career, and have a confident voice at the table.

“My investment in LeadHERship paid off with a job advancement within 8 months of beginning the program”

Martha Hrawdowy
Executive Officer, Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation

leadhership has helped hundreds of women excel in their careers, gain confidence and become respected leaders.

Are you ready to step up and lead?

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“LeadHerShip was absolutely transformational for me.

When I began Harriette’s intensive coaching program, I was holding onto resentment from what had gone wrong in my career, and was extremely unclear on where my path was headed and what I truly wanted. By week 3, I had a major breakthrough – I found the clarity and vision I had been seeking for years. Six weeks of professional development with Harriette allowed me to grow more as a professional than I had in years of searching on my own. If you are a woman who knows she has what it takes, but is having trouble figuring out just how to get there, you need Harriette’s LeadHerShip program. I have found my confidence again, gotten clear on what exactly it is that I want, and have a solid plan on how to get there.”
Jillian Robinson
Director, Global Communications, Dash Hudson

Graduates from companies like:

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You want to be more influential in your role, you have bold ideas, and you want to make sure your voice is heard.

  • You’ve taken on more responsibility and feel pressure to perform. You could use a sounding board to help you navigate change.

  • You’re doing great work, but your efforts aren’t being recognized.

  • You’ve been told you have high potential but you don’t have a clear path to promotion.

  • You need to renew your energy and break the cycle of burnout and overwhelm so you can focus on the future.

  • Self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome are creeping in holding you back from your goals.

  • You want to be more influential in your role, you have bold ideas and you want to make sure your voice is heard.

  • You’ve taken on more responsibility and feel pressure to perform. You could use a sounding board to help you navigate change.

  • You are doing great work, but your efforts are being recognized.

  • You’ve been told you have high potential but you don’t have a clear path to promotion.

  • You need to renew your energy and break the cycle of burnout and overwhelm so you can focus on the future.

  • Self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome are creeping in holding you back from your goals.

If you are ready to invest in yourself, and advance your career, leadhership is for you.

leadhership is an accelerated women’s leadership development program that offers a safe environment for female leaders to explore and establish goals, develop an authentic leadership brand, enhance self-promotion, build strategic networks, and overcome barriers getting in the way of career advancement.

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Shannon LeBlanc Hallmark Dental

“I don’t have as much self-doubt when I’m in a meeting with my team.

I’m able to temper my emotions but still, express my opinion. I see the leadership team looking to me. We work together better. I feel like we are all pulling towards the same goal, not just me pushing. If you are willing to commit to the change you want to see in your life and career get off the fence and jump in! It’s more than worth it! It was an amazing experience to push myself, but I also feel validated about the woman leader I am and can grow into.”
Shannon LeBlanc
Chief Operations Officer, Hallmark Dental

Program Details

leadhership is a 9-week live virtual program for women that empowers you with the skills, strategies, and coaching to increase your impact, advance your career, and have a confident voice at the table.

Length: 9 weeks

Dates: September 13th – November 22nd, 2023

Live training

Bi-weekly live training with lively discussion and actionable tools designed to address challenges specific to women.

Supportive Community

A safe space for you to ask questions, voice your challenges, and be supported by a group of like-minded women who can help you in a real-time, intimate setting.

Accountability to Achieve your Goals

Paired with an accountability partner, you’ll support each other in achieving your goals, coupled with live coaching and small groups to keep your momentum going.

Post-program support

Actionable Tools to apply the learning to real challenges at work.

The Schedule:

Module 01: Connect

September 13, 2023 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm AST

Connect and bond as a cohort and forge deep connections, get to know each other better beyond work titles.

Module 02: Purpose

September 20,2023 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm AST

Acknowledge your abilities as a leader, discover what success really looks like for you now and now, and articulate your purpose as a leader.

Module 03: Mindset

September 27, 2023 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm AST

Delve into your limiting beliefs, explore your fears and overcome imposter syndrome by practicing powerful mindset reframing techniques.

Module 04: Presence

October 4, 2023 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm AST

Learn how to strategically build your authentic executive presence, own the room and have your ideas and voice be heard.

Module 05: Relationships

October 11, 2023 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm AST

Build your ideal network in service of your career vision. Learn strategies to help you create trusting relationships to advance your career.

Module 06: Feedback

October 18, 2023 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm AST

Learn how to give, receive and ask for feedback to help you build relationships, learn and grow and increase performance.

Module 07: Negotiation

October 25, 2023 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm AST

Learn how to ask for and get what you really want.

Module 08: Energy

November 8, 2023 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm AST

Learn how to say no, how to set and keep boundaries, avoid burnout and make renewal part of your long-term strategy.

Module 09: Future

November 22, 2023 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm AST

Explore your future possibilities and create a personal development plan to support your future vision.

When you join leadhership you are saying yes to yourself and yes to your future.

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“I had the privilege and gift of participating in LeadHERship with Harriette’s profound guidance, strongest of support, and endless wisdom.

It’s been transformational to look closely at my own leadHERship; to consider the gap between what it is and what I want it to be; and most of all, to be equipped and empowered to step into all I’m capable of and more. And not alone: throughout, I’ve been part of an amazing cohort of other LeadHERS. Together, we’ve learned, we’ve stretched, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and we’ve led – in uniquely feminine and powerful ways. I cannot recommend the program or Harriette highly enough. Truly.”
Ronna Detrick
EVP Learning & Development

Meet your coach

Hi! I’m Harriette Schumacher, Certified Executive Coach, Women’s Leadership expert, and CEO of Big Leap Leadership Inc.

For over 20 years, I’ve led business and leadership transformations for a global clientele. My work with Fortune 500 leaders enables me to understand what’s required to make big shifts and generate results.

I’m passionate about elevating women into leadership and I’m proud to say that women I’ve worked with are better prepared and more confident to succeed in today’s challenging environment.

I hold a Master’s in Executive & Organizational Coaching, and multiple industry credentials, but the women I work with choose to partner with me because of my tenacity, and down-to-earth approach to helping them succeed.

I created this program because I believe the world needs better leaders, and they need to be women.

I want to equip you with the skills, strategies, coaching, and support to achieve the career and life that you want.

My career journey hasn’t always been easy. I didn’t get to where I am on my own. I’ve needed to invest in my growth, and sought the counsel of coaches to guide me, challenge me, and hold me accountable when things got hard and I wanted to quit.
I’m ready to be that person for you.

Are you ready to step into what’s next for you?

“LeadHERship is 100% worth the time.

Ignore the voice that says you don’t have the time during work hours; the value is tenfold the time you take from your workday.”
Kyla Morgan
Director of Human Resources, Seaboard Atlantic

The goal of leadhership? More female leaders wielding…

Positive Impact. Fulfillment. Resilience.

…for strong, balanced organizations.

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Vanyah Harrigan

“Do not hesitate in embarking on this journey with LeadHERship – it will transform your life.

I would wholeheartedly recommend LeadHERship to friends and clients who are committed to preparing to lead with conviction and integrity. It’s been a wonderful place of self-discovery and growth which I highly recommend- especially to those who were newly promoted into Director and VP roles. I gained and unlocked so much personally and professionally from our time together. There are things I’ve wrestled with expressing for most of my adult life and that freedom and clarity is priceless. Harriette truly has a gift in honouring where your broken bits are and creating a space that is restorative of women who have been burnt out while also commanding the best of you to craft a new view of self and embodying a new kind of leadership.”
Vanyah Harrigan
Director, Princeton University

Program participants will emerge from leadhership transformed

  • Fully prepared to move into a senior management or C-Suite role

  • Confident in her unique abilities as a leader and how to leverage her strengths

  • Able to navigate challenges like double standards, the second shift, glass ceiling, broken rung, and gender bias

  • Clear on her personal vision, rooted in self-awareness and authenticity

  • Armed with a personal development plan to move into the future with confidence as a female leader

  • Internally motivated to lead positive change in your team or organization

Lisa Cudmore

“I have grown immensely as a leader

and in my personal growth as well. As a child I was taught children are seen and not heard, I had no voice, and what I did have I was scared to use. Now I feel that I am a great listener and a compassionate fierce woman who can speak her mind and not react instantly to conversations. I am so grateful for finding Harriette and the women who took part with me. It was almost like a breath of fresh air listening to the other challenges women face both at work and personally. I finally realized that I was not alone in this struggling chapter of life, my story was different but many others have the same insecurities, worry and stresses.”
Lisa Cudmore
Logistics Manager, Auction Transport

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment?

We know your time is valuable, and we want to ensure you are set up for success.
You will participate in 9-weekly live two-hour sessions.

Expect to invest thirty minutes of pre-work in advance, and one hour between sessions applying the concepts and completing assignments.

While everyone’s time investment will be different we estimate 20 hours of work over 9 weeks. The more you invest, the more you will benefit.

Will my company pay for me to attend?

Many of our program participants have been sponsored by their to attend.

We encourage you to ask your employer before paying out of pocket yourself.

Download this request letter to share with your employer. If you need help in preparing for that conversation please email us at harriette@harrietteschumacher.com

Who is this program for?

You want to advance your career.
You want to become more effective in your role.
You are ready to take the time out to invest in your future.
You want to be challenged and inspired.
You want to lead impactfully across your organization.

Who is this program NOT for?

You have no experience. This program is not for entry-level roles with limited professional experience.

You want a cheerleader. This is for women who want a professional highly credentialed coach who will be direct and provide tangible solutions and strategies to move forward.

Are looking for a silver bullet. Transformation takes time but it’s worth it.

Can we bring this program to our employees internally?

Yes, we can offer this program in-house to your company. Please contact us at harriette@harrietteschumacher.com

How will this program be different from other training?

Accountability and live coaching. There is a huge gap with accountability in training. Typical leadership training courses bring you together for two days, fill you with information and send you packing. There is no one to ask a question to, no additional support when you need it. We know that is not how you get real results. That’s why LeadHERShip prioritizes accountability and hands-on engagement for every participant, including crucial post-program support.

Designed by women for women. We are leadership development experts for women. LeadHERShip isn’t a leadership program with a component about female leaders — it’s an entire curriculum designed to address the unique and nuanced challenges faced by today’s women in our workplaces.

“Before I joined LeadHERship , I was struggling to find balance in my life and had forgotten how to put myself back on the priority list.

I was feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to better my situation. While I was skeptical of how the program may benefit me, I owed it to myself to take the next step and have not regretted taking the leap. Harriette has helped me to recognize where I could introduce boundaries, schedule time for tasks and personal needs, and start to achieve more harmony in my day. In addition, I have had my eyes opened to my many achievements and successes, which is helping to build confidence in my abilities.
I joined LeadHERShip because of Harriette’s pledge to service women and help them succeed. Through the process, I have not only learned from Harriette, but also from the amazing breadth of knowledge and experience shared amongst other female participants in the program. Some of these are simple, common-sense approaches that women lose sight of when juggling so many daily roles and responsibilities. My life will always be a work in progress; however, I am confident that I have developed self-awareness toward becoming my best self.
Women that are struggling with seeking themselves, professionally or personally – or perhaps a combination of both, should give serious consideration to committing to the LeadHerShip program. Females often doubt their abilities, struggle with finding their voices, and own their power. Harriette can help break through the fog and bring forth clarity to aid in becoming the strong women we are meant to be.”
Patty Payne
Senior Manager, Bell Media

Unleash your Potential.
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