Ready to advance your career?

LeadHERship is a 6-month leadership development program for women, who are committed to their growth, ready to break through their career plateaus and become more effective leaders. 

Led by acclaimed Executive Coach, Harriette Schumacher, LeadHERship helps women take the next big step in their careers. 

Ready to advance your career?

LeadHerShip, is an exclusive 6-month executive group coaching program for women leaders who are ready to break through their personal plateaus and achieve their ultimate career goals. Led by acclaimed women’s leadership coach Harriette Schumacher, LeadHERship helps driven women redefine success, and take the next big step in their career.


You were meant to achieve great things.

Yet, you’re not exactly where you want to be in your career.

You might have a highly-regarded job or work at a successful company, but you find yourself craving more confidence, satisfaction, and influence.

You want to increase your impact - and your income - while truly growing into your leadership potential. You’d love to use your voice more to speak up and speak out.

And, even more importantly, you’d love to have these changes in your life without burning out.

You're working to build a career and life that you'll love...

But I’ll bet that right now you’re probably struggling with feelings of:



uncertainty about the future

You're dealing with:

a drop in your confidence

working more, yet at the same salary

concerns over career advancements

a lack of growth opportunities

And you're wondering...

How am I ever going to find my way past this career plateau? Will I be stuck in this role here forever?

Will I ever feel truly satisfied with my job? Will all of these long hours and overworking be worth it in the end?

Why isn’t my voice being heard? How do I get my higher ups, and even my team, to pay attention and see me as a true leader?

Is there enough of me to show up — at my best — at home, at work, and in my community?

If you feel like you’re trying your best, yet still not getting the results you want, you need a game plan to ensure your future. You've worked so hard to get to where you are, now is not the time to give up. 

You certainly don't lack drive or ambition. But if you want your vision to become reality, you’re going to need to make some changes.

The world needs better leaders — and they need to be women.

Will you be one?


“LeadHERship is seriously a game changer. It will transform your mindset and give you the tools to make changes and propel yourself forward.”

Beth Grady

Construction Manager, Bruno Builders

The Details

LeadHerShip is a 6-month leadership development program for women who want to break through their career plateaus and accelerate their growth.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from my experience of coaching leaders of Fortune 500 brands, hosting thousands of conversations with leaders globally on what is takes to be successful, as well as my 20+ years experience facilitating large, complex, leadership development strategies, and I’ve channeled that into this comprehensive program exclusively for women.

In this supporting and inspiring community, you’ll make failproof plans, take powerful action and implement proven strategies to take your leadership career to a whole new level. From landing your dream role, to supercharging your salary, or becoming an influencer in your industry – it’s all possible with LeadHership. 

The best part is, you’ll be in great company – surrounded by women who share your ambition, commitment and enthusiasm, and who believe the sky’s the limit for career success. Not only will you receive the skills, support and accountability you need to reach your goals, you’ll make connections that last a lifetime.

LeadHERship covers everything you need to break through the glass ceiling – no matter how high you want to go. From indispensable business skills to the all-important success mindset, I teach you to tap into your unique power as a feminine leader and achieve results you only dreamed possible.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join LeadHerShip:

360 Leadership Assessment

Get feedback on your leadership effectiveness, see how others see you compared to how you see yourself, and gain insight into the self-limiting tendencies that are holding you back from your next opportunity.

Leadership Development Plan

Integrate the feedback you receive into a customized leadership development plan. Deepen your approach to leadership by setting stretch goals, and make a positive impact on those around you. 

Pulse Survey &
Accountability Circle

Track your progress towards achieving your goals, by leveraging the support of an Accountability Circle, gain their perspective on your leadership three times over the course of our time together in our Pulse Survey.

Private Learning Portal

Access to the LeadHerShip self-directed curriculum, and all the downloadable PDFs, worksheets, podcasts, and recorded shows in one location.

And even better, you’ll take part in:

Monthly Training Sessions

12 leadership development modules designed to help you become a more strategic and confident leader. Delivered online via Zoom. 

Private Community

Ask questions and feel supported every day inside our private Slack community where you can ask all your questions directly, in a safe, supportive female-centric leadership community. 

Monthly 1:1 Executive Coaching Calls

Meet with Master Certified Executive Coach, Harriette Schumacher monthly for your private coaching session. Dig into your most pressing issues, and walk away with clarity, actionable steps, and a powerful path forward.

Recorded Recaps

Miss a live session? Need extra time to absorb the material? Don’t worry! You’ll get all call recordings, as well as assignments, to help you put your learning into practice on your own time.

Unlimited Email &
Phone Support

Extra support for emergencies, or those times when you are feeling stuck. 

Magic happens when strong women come together.

When you have a tribe of high-level women who are generous, wise, and striving for similar goals something special happens.

 The quality of conversation is elevated. The support is unconditional. The belief in each other is unrelenting. And the achievements are magnified.

The end goal? For every single woman to leave feeling empowered, engaged, energized—with a plan of what to do next to Lead-Her-Ship.


“My investment in LeadHERship paid off with a job advancement within 8 months of beginning the program”

Martha Hradowy

Executive Officer, Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation

Harriette Schumacher 73

Introducing... Your Guide!

Hi! I’m Harriette Schumacher, a Master Certified Executive Coach, women’s leadership expert, and CEO of Big Leap Leadership.

For over 20 years, I’ve led business and leadership transformation for a global clientele. My work with Fortune 500 leaders and hosting of thousands of fierce conversations enables me to understand what’s required to make big shifts, and generate results.

But my personal experience in times of universal uncertainty is what makes me the perfect leadership coach to guide women who are ready to get unstuck and become unstoppable. It’s my mission to empower women with the confidence and strategies needed to elevate their careers, lead authentically, and achieve any goals they set for themselves.

I’ve run a successful coaching business since 2013, but I wouldn’t have made it completely on my own. I had to invest in my own growth: I needed a mentor, someone who could guide me, challenge me and hold me accountable when things got hard and I wanted to give up.

Let me be that person for you.


“This discovery transformed the way I showed up at work taking charge of my career and what is possible rather than waiting and asking for permission.”

Vanyah Harrigan

Manager of Institutional Giving, Opera Philadelphia

Is LeadHERship right for you?

LeadHerShip Is Right For You If:

You want to advance your career and become a more effective leader. You are prepared to put in the work to achieve your goals.

You’re committed to your growth. You no longer want to stay stagnant. It’s time to evolve; now is the time to take action.

You want to be challenged. You don’t need another motivational quote or affirmation to motivate you. You want tried and tested systems and strategies to move you forward and achieve even greater results.

LeadHerShip Is Not A Good Fit If:

You have no leadership experience. This is an advanced leadership development program from women with at least 3 years of leadership experience.

You’re looking for a silver bullet. Transformation takes time, but it's worth it.

You want a cheerleader. This program is for women who want a coach who will be direct and tell them where their blind spots are and how to overcome them.

You’re not prepared to commit to at least 6-months to your professional development. You don't have the time in your calendar to commit to attending the live calls.

You’re not sure you have the time or interest to work toward your goals right now. Nothing changes if nothing changes, and this program requires you to take action.

Jennifer Longergan 1 22

“The LeadHERship program provides coaching, accountability, tools and support to get the results you are looking for and set goals for the future.”

Jennifer Lonergan

District Manager, Nova Scotia Environment

Opportunity is knocking, will you answer?

There are limited spots available. Does one of them have your name on it?

Catherine Fox

"I got a fresh perspective on a lot of leadership areas that I didn't even realize had grown stagnant for me — so I'm looking at things like prioritization and accountability in a whole new way."

Catherine Fox

Manager, Organizational Development - OCAS

Enrollment for LeadHerShip is Open

If you’re ready to take the reins and take back control of your future, LeadHerShip is the perfect program for you.

Space is limited so register today to secure your spot.

Need Approval From Your Work? 

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Asking for help to fund your professional development is the first step to taking charge of your career growth. 100% of the participants from the previous round who asked for funding got it!

Not sure how to ask for funding? We created an email script for you to use. Don’t waste another moment wondering if this is possible for you. Ask now!

Need more? Click here to download our informational PDF to submit to your expense department.


"Harriette’s deep wisdom, spot-on intuition, and compelling motivation have been like a magnifying glass for my leadership. This program has enabled me to see (and expose) where I’ve been compromising, where I can grow, and more than all else, how I can show up in ways that are defined by integrity, strength, and alignment with my truest self. Saying “yes” to LeadHERship was the best decision I could have possibly made – for my business, for my team, and most of all, for myself."

Ronna Detrick

SVP Learning, Fierce Inc.

Have Questions? Here are the FAQs

Why Should I Join LeadHerShip?

Because life is short, and feeling stuck in a role that is no longer serving you - dreaming and talking about making a change, but never actually doing it is a waste. There are a million reasons why you could put your career dreams on hold, or settle for the status quo while you wait for the “perfect moment”.

There is no perfect moment. Your time is now. A joy-filled, passion-fuelled career lies ahead of you and once you take the leap, you’ll never look back. How do I know? Because I see it happen everyday. I’ve helped hundreds of women take huge career steps, exceed their goals, and say “yes” to fulfilling their personal and professional potential.

And guess what? Not one of them has said “I wish I waited.”

Now is the time. Say YES to you.

I’ve never done anything like this will this help me?

Let me be really honest. No one cares about your career as much as you do. If you’re feeling stuck, and you’ve reached a career plateau, and struggle to find time for your development this is for you. Many of the women I work with struggle with finding time to keep up with their own development and growth while juggling other commitments. Their growth can tend to take a back seat.  

In addition to that, not everyone understands what it truly takes to build an amazing career.  Maybe you’re feeling isolated and don’t have anyone who understands where you’re coming from.

I get it. I’ve built a successful career and business helping other people learn how to be successful, while being a mother at the same time. I know what feeling overwhelmed and isolated is all about. 

You’ve spent your entire career serving others and managing whatever challenges have come your way. Now, it’s time you lead the way. Isn’t it time you put yourself first?

Who will run LeadHerShip?

This program will be facilitated by Harriette Schumacher, Certified Executive Coach, and CEO of Big Leap Leadership Inc. 

Drawing on my 15-year high-level corporate career (where I participated in the development of thousands of leaders, designed and delivered global curriculum for numerous national and international companies, managed multi-million dollar training budgets), plus my training and experience as a certified executive coach, I understand — and have faced and overcome — the exact types of challenges you’re dealing with. 

I’ve run a successful coaching business since 2013, but I wouldn’t have made it completely on my own. I had to invest in my own growth: I needed a mentor, someone who could guide me, challenge me, and hold me accountable when things got hard and I wanted to give up.

Let me be that person for you.

How will this be different from other leadership training courses I’ve attended?

We take great pride in being radically different from everyone else out there. Bottom line, we care more. Having worked in leadership development my entire life, I can tell you many courses don’t provide ROI. There is a huge gap with accountability in training and coaching. Typical leadership training courses bring you together for two days, fill you with information and send you packing. There is no one to ask a question to, no additional support when you need it. We know that is not how you get real results. 

We are leadership development experts for women. This program was built by women for women. Not only will you meet with us 5 hours a month, we have a complete accountability system embedded into the program to ensure you reach your goals.

LeadHERship will help you take the next big step in your career, whatever that means to you. Past participants have achieved extraordinary results, from scoring epic pay rises to senior leadership roles. Like any program, your results will depend on your individual goals, your commitment to the program, and how well you harness the power of the group.

Who will be in my group?

Each “cohort” of this executive group coaching program will include highly-ambitious women who come from the amazing members of Harriette’s networks and community, including current and former course members and clients, her subscribers, followers of her LinkedIn and other social media platforms. 

What topics will be covered?

Curious on what we’ll be covering in our calls? Here’s a sneak peek at the outline.

Mapping your Journey Kick Off Call

Awareness and Moving Towards your Vision



Relationship Building


Courageous Conversations

Leading Through Change

Sustaining Energy, Focus and Commitment

Creating a Culture of Accountability




Taking Stock Closing Session

What’s my monthly time commitment?

At a minimum, you’ll need to commit 5 hours each month to attend the monthly private coaching and training sessions. Beyond that, the hours required will depend on your individual goals and how fast you want to achieve them. I suggest allowing at least 2 hours each month for action and implementation.

What if I can’t attend a live session?

All of our calls are recorded and hosted inside the membership portal for you to watch later. We ask that you commit to attending as many live calls as you can due to the group work that is completed. If you miss a session, we ask that you catch up and complete any assignments before the next session is scheduled.

What’s your refund policy?

Since we work with a small group of women at a time, we are unable to offer refunds once payment has been made. 

If you are unable to attend the cohort that you have made registration for, we are happy to reallocate your registration to our next available start date. 

How do I get my employer to sponsor me to attend?

100% of the graduates of LeadHERship were sponsored to attend by their employer. But, you have to ask. Many women struggle with asking because they feel guilt, or feel like they lack the authority to do so. I get it. However, you also need to know that this is completely normal, and there are tons of women out there who have this conversation successfully, and their careers are skyrocketing. So, we encourage you to build your case, explain to them why you want to attend, the value you will get, and the benefits it will provide to you and your employer.

We’ve also created an email template that you can send to your employer, feel free to edit it as you like.  Like we always say, no one cares about your career as much as you do, so you need to advocate for your career and your growth.

I have another question that’s not listed here, how do I get in touch?

Absolutely, send us an email directly:

More Results

If you’re ready to step up and embrace the endless possibilities and build a career and life that you love, LeadHERship is for you. Hear what some previous participants have had to say about their experience.

Testimonial_PATTY PAYNE

"Before I joined the LeadHERship group coaching program, I was struggling to find balance in my life and had forgotten how to put me back on the priority list; in essence I was feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to better my situation.  While I was skeptical of how the program may benefit me, I owed it to myself to take the next step and have not regretted taking the leap.  Harriette has helped me to recognize where I could introduce boundaries, schedule time for tasks and personal needs, and start to achieve more harmony in my day.  In addition, I have had my eyes opened to my many achievements and successes, which is helping to build confidence in my abilities.

I joined LeadHERShip because of Harriette’s pledge to service women and help them succeed.  Through the process, I have not only learned from Harriette, but also from the amazing breadth of knowledge and experience shared amongst other female participants in the program.  Some of these are simple, common-sense approaches that women lose sight of when juggling so many daily roles and responsibilities.  My life will always be a work in progress; however, I am confident that I have developed self-awareness towards becoming my best self.

Women that are struggling with seeking themselves, professionally or personally – or perhaps a combination of both, should give serious consideration to committing to the LeadHerShip program.  Females often doubt their abilities, struggle with finding their voices, and owning their power.  Harriette can help break through the fog and bring forth clarity to aid in becoming the strong women we are meant to be."

Patty Payne

Senior Manager, Broadcast Services Bell Media


“Harriette is a compelling and charismatic influencer, coach and presenter with a natural ability to engage and motivate her audience. She is the consummate professional and always meticulously prepared for all events. A professional with well-honed instincts in reading and gauging her audience Harriette sets the tone and capitalizes on the best strategy for the group. I always looked forward to coaching and training events with Harriette knowing that I would be engaged, empowered and entertained while ultimately learning new skills and gaining awareness.”

Angie Hutchinson

Director Supply Chain Management, Marine Atlantic

Testimonials_Jennifer G

“Harriette is a trusting, respected leader with a huge value to offer, mentors and coaches are often underused by leaders who struggle to ask for help, these are the ones who likely need it the most.”

Jennifer Goyetche

Change Manager, Government of Nova Scotia

It’s Time to Take Back Control of Your Career

Enroll in LeadHerShip now, before all of the spots are claimed!