Lead Her Ship, Executive Coaching Program for Women with Harriett Schumacher

2020 Can Still Be the Year Your Vision Becomes a Reality

Introducing LeadHerShip, a 6-month executive group coaching program led by Harriette Schumacher for high-performing women who want to continue driving results and surpassing goals — even in the most uncertain of times.

When the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve, you were filled with hope.

It was the start of a new year — a new decade even — and you had plans to build on the successes you’ve already achieved and make 2020 the best year of your life.

But then the world as you knew it drastically changed.

In no time at all, social distancing forced businesses to close their doors. Travel and events were prohibited. Contracts were broken. Clients jumped ship.

And all of the hope you felt seemed to slip from your grasp.

Those hard-to-reach goals you set for yourself suddenly felt impossible, and worse, you were left wondering if there was any chance at salvaging the rest of the year.

Harriette Schumacher-0777

Now, you’re ready to take back control of your future and continue to grow despite the uncertainty.

I’ll bet that right now you’re probably struggling with feelings of:






fear of the future



You’re dealing with:


financial losses


issues of job security


a drop in your confidence


needing to lead from a distance

Harriette Schumacher-0609

You're wondering...


Am I going to lose my job, or what’s going to happen to that promotion I’ve been working toward?


How can I grow and recession-proof my career?


How can I possibly learn all of these new skill sets while maintaining my “normal” approach to business?


Am I resilient enough to adapt my leadership style in the face of this crisis?


Is there enough of me to show up — at my best — at home, at work, and in my community?

If you feel like you’re trying to keep your head above water, and you know you need a game plan to insure your future given how hard you’ve worked to get to the position you’re in right now, know that you aren’t alone.

But also know that out of chaos you can create something great.

The world needs better leaders — and they need to be women.

The Details

LeadHerShip is a 6-month executive coaching program for high-performing and highly ambitious women who want to continue driving results and surpassing goals.

This program is for women who are driven to achieve their goals, elevate their career, increase their clarity and confidence, and most importantly, release the barriers that are holding them back from their potential.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from my experience of coaching leaders of Fortune 500 brands, hosting thousands of conversations with leaders globally on what is takes to be successful, as well as my 20+ years experience facilitating large, complex, leadership development strategies, and I’ve channeled that into this comprehensive program exclusively for women.

LeadHerShip is both a coaching and accountability program, delivered online from the comfort of wherever you are, designed to help you gain momentum toward your goals, network with other high-achieving women, and take back control of your career progression.

The executive coaching program integrates solo work, group discussion, and personal coaching in an open, inclusive environment, creating a shared space for honesty and both personal and professional transformation.

This program will give you:

Check 1

A deeper understanding of your unique strengths and values

Check 1

The ability to articulate your biggest obstacles and energy blocks (and proactively address them)

Check 1

A compelling vision and voice for your leadership, to call upon in moments of doubt and challenge

Check 1

Real strategies for identifying and releasing limiting beliefs

Check 1

Courage to take important risks—and resilience to see them through

Check 1

Renewed energy, focus, and direction in your work so you can take action and make progress

Check 1

A sustainable, individual plan for carrying newfound insights and strategies through in the “real world”

Check 1

A strong support network of women leaders.

The end goal? For every single woman to leave feeling empowered, engaged, energized—with a plan of what to do next to Lead-Her-Ship.  

Harriette Schumacher-0756
Harriette with Daughters

Introducing—Your Host!

Hi! I’m Harriette Schumacher, a Certified Executive Coach, leadership expert, and CEO of Big Leap Leadership.

For over 20 years, I’ve been leading business and leadership transformation for a global clientele. My work with Fortune 500 leaders and hosting of thousands of fierce conversations enables me to understand what’s required to make big shifts, and generate results.

But my personal experience in times of universal uncertainty is what makes me the perfect coach to guide you through these unpredictable and challenging times.

During the last recession, I lost my job while on maternity leave. And if that wasn’t challenging enough, this news came just after we found out that my husband was out of a job. We were two new parents with previously thriving careers unemployed and unsure how we’d survive.

Even though I had no clue how we’d make it, I knew I needed to make decisions fast and take back control of my life.

So I placed a bet on myself, leaned into my uncertainty and decided to be the leader family, my business, and my career needed me to be. I built a makeshift office in my laundry room and built a business while raising my daughters at the same time.

I am proud to say I am now the CEO of one the fastest growing leadership coaching companies for Women in Canada, but I wouldn’t have made it completely on my own.

I know the fear, the worry, and the tears that come with serious career setbacks, but I can look back now and say that taking action when there were no clear paths and even more roadblocks was the best choice I ever made.

I’ve run a successful coaching business since 2013, but I wouldn’t have made it completely on my own. I had to invest in my own growth: I needed a mentor, someone who could guide me, challenge me and hold me accountable when things got hard and I wanted to give up.

Let me be that person for you.

Your LeadHERShip Experience

In this executive coaching program, we’ll work together on setting goals, identifying your strengths, taking action, and learning how to plan for and achieve results you never thought possible so you can shatter your own limiting beliefs and break through any glass ceiling holding you back!

This 6-month LeadHerShip executive coaching program will be customized to match your goals. Here are just a few of modules we’ll cover throughout the program:

Check 1

The Promise of LeadHerShip

Check 1

Mapping Your Journey

Check 1

Courageous Conversations

Check 1

Leading through Change

Check 1

Building Trust with your Team

Check 1


Check 1

Sustaining Energy, Focus and Commitment

Check 1

Creating a Culture of Accountability

Check 1

and more!

But better yet, you’ll get access to the LeadHerShip foundational self-directed course for free when you sign up for the 6-month high-touch LeadHerShip coaching program.

In it, you can work through modules like:

Check 1

Strengths + Success

Check 1

Purging the Past + Letting In the Future

Check 1

Vision + Clarity

Check 1

Goal Setting

Check 1

Fear + Doubt

Check 1

Brand + Creativity

Check 1

Time + Productivity

Check 1

Money + Making More

Check 1

and Team + Tribe

Are You In?

There are limited spots available for this executive group coaching program.

Does one of them have your name on it?

Here’s what you’ll get when you join LeadHerShip

  • 360 Leadership Assessment

    Get feedback on your leadership effectiveness, see how others see you compared to how you see yourself, and gain insight into the self-limiting tendencies that are holding you back.

  • A 1:1 Personalized Development Session and Plan

    Get in touch with what’s working and what’s not. Then, learn why in a private session with Harriette. During this call, we’ll develop a customized course of action so you can start to conquer overwhelm, by getting clear on next steps.

  • Pulse Survey

    This accountability system helps you measure the ROI of coaching and provides data you can leverage to move your career goals forward while increasing your leadership effectiveness. We will measure your progress on your goals three times over the course of the program. 

  • Private Learning Portal Access, which includes:

    Accelerate your growth in this program by working the original steps of the first launch of LeadHerShip foundational program at any time that works for you. You’ll also gain access to downloadable PDFs, worksheets, podcasts, and recorded shows all in one spot.

And even better, you’ll take part in:

  • Monthly Leadership Training Sessions

    Each month, we will come together for 2.5 hours virtually for group coaching and training sessions will keep you on track, engaged, and accomplishing your goals. Think of it as a powerful combination of issue resolution, and accelerated development, in a group format.

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls

    You won’t go it alone when you join this executive group coaching program. Group training led by Harriette Schumacher will take place every Monday and Friday at 1pm EST/ 2pm AST. One part accountability, one part motivational, one part Q&A. Come prepared and get real-time feedback on whatever issue you’re facing.

  • ​Private Facebook Community

    Stay connected to your peer group between sessions. Get your questions answered by Harriette and her team, along with insight from your fellow members so you’re never working through your challenges alone. 

  • Built-In Accountability

    In addition to the Pulse Survey, we’ll be tracking your commitments, and actions, and following up with you each month to ensure you’re getting results. It’s not just you putting the work in; we will too.

  • Recorded Recaps

    Miss a coaching session? Need the extra time to absorb the material? Don’t worry! You’ll get all call recordings, as well as assignments to help you put your learning into practice on your own time.

The LeadHerShip executive coaching program was designed to shift and grow alongside the participants who sign up and regardless of any changes and challenges the world may throw at you.

You’ll learn tangible advice from a highly-successful executive coach with over twenty years of experience who's done the real work herself and helped people just like you achieve incredible results, regardless of the circumstances.


If you’re an ambitious high-achiever that’s looking to maximize results even in the most uncertain of times, this program is for you.

Here are some of the results from previous happy clients.

“LeadHerShip helped bring both personal and professional goals into perspective for me. Even though it was delivered virtually, Harriette and my fellow LeadHerShip participants were able to create a feeling of community and support. LeadHerShip brought me unexpected insights and motivation. It was effective executive coaching but also surprisingly fun.”

— Barbara Campbell, VP Commercialization, Oberland AgriScience

"Harriette is a powerful force with the knowledge, and ability to teach what she knows to inspire and empower business leaders in every industry. Her vast experience and insights are exactly what you need to grow, even in the most challenging circumstances. She continually pushes beyond the comfort zone, and in turn, lights a fire that leads to growth. I'm grateful for her expertise and know that my personal and business growth has been greatly impacted by her course." 

— Vicki Mina, Owner Vicki Mina Makeup

“I just wanted to let you know how much I value your recent LeadHerShip training.  As you know, I was so inspired by your delivery of Difficult Conversations training a few years ago that I was looking for another opportunity to learn with you; LeadHerShip was perfect!  It was reasonably priced, easily fit into my workday, provided me an opportunity to meet and speak with women I wouldn’t come into contact with normally, and left me asking myself all the right questions.  Thanks for another great experience!”

— Anne MacLean, Records Analyst, Government of Nova Scotia

“Harriette is a compelling and charismatic influencer, coach and presenter with a natural ability to engage and motivate her audience. She is the consummate professional and always meticulously prepared for all events. A professional with well-honed instincts in reading and gauging her audience Harriette sets the tone and capitalizes on the best strategy for the group. 
I always looked forward to coaching and training events with Harriette knowing that I would be engaged, empowered and entertained while ultimately learning new skills and gaining awareness.”

— Angie Hutchinson, Director Supply Chain Management, Marine Atlantic

“Harriette offers real strategies to make real and lasting change. She is the vanguard of a new generation of thought and action leaders.”

— Jennifer Nield Cameron, Senior Executive Assistant NS Power Halifax

“Harriette is a very powerful coach who is always looking at how to create value for her clients. She works with great passion and joy! This is inspirational for her clients! She is courageous and not afraid to take risks that she feels are the best ones to embark upon. If you are a person who is open to a learning and growth mindset and who wants to be brave and is ready to be challenged then you will benefit from working with her. Leaders from a variety of organizations would benefit from her expertise. Whether you are a new leader, or a seasoned one. Harriette has verve, and a no nonsense approach!”

—Winnehl Tubeman, President, Tubman Coaching

“LeadHerShip was absolutely transformational for me. When I began Harriette’s 6-week intensive coaching program, I was holding onto resentment from what had gone wrong in my career, and was extremely unclear on where my path was headed and what I truly wanted. By week 3, I had a major breakthrough – I found the clarity and vision I had been seeking for years. Six weeks of professional development with Harriette allowed me to grow more as a professional than I had in years of searching on my own. If you are a woman who knows she has what it takes, but is having trouble figuring out just how to get there, you need Harriette’s LeadHerShip program. I have found my confidence again, gotten clear on what exactly it is that I want, and have a solid plan on how to get there.”

— Jillian Robinson, Marketing Manager Resulta

“I highly recommend the LeadHerShip program!  I got so much more out of this than I anticipated.  The variety of topics covered makes for an extremely well-rounded overview of leadership in general, but then drills down into specific topics so well that they are immediately applicable to the workplace, or your personal development.  Harriette is an outstanding coach.  She is not only an extremely skilled coach, but also approachable and just so damned likable!  Whether you are looking to work on your time management skills, how to improve your relationship with money, or my favourite – dealing with change management … Harriette’s got you covered.  I have made huge strides in my strategy development with the skills gained from this course, as well as applied a lot of the small tips shared among the group in my day to day work.  Take this course – you won’t be sorry.

— Sharon Cattan, Senior Corporate Social Responsibility and Internal Communications Specialist at ANBL

“Working with Harriette in the early days of being a people leader was a transformative experience. It has forever changed the way I approach my work and the relationships I have in the workplace. She helped me see the true value of candid, meaningful conversations and getting right to the heart of important issues. She also taught me how introspection and self-reflection can serve to see clearer paths forward: identifying strengths and figuring out how to develop them, so we can bring our best to work. I have recommended Harriette to colleagues and friends, and wouldn't hesitate to do so again.”

— Caroline Arsenault, Senior Specialist, Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation

“Harriette is a breath of fresh air. A really smart, intuitive one. Working with her is a true partnership – she’s not afraid to ask (or answer!) tough questions, and no idea of effort is off-limits to be challenged in the spirit of making it even better. She has a brilliant knack for knowing exactly what questions to ask to get down to the heart of any matter, and she’s an expert at approaching tricky challenges in a creative and focused way, always driving toward a resolution that is substantial and meaningful to everyone involved. But she’s also super caring, empathetic, and totally genuine – she's the friend you can always count on to be honest with you, because she truly cares and wants the best for you. The short version? You want Harriette in your corner.”

— Cameron, President, The Contenterie

“Harriette is a trusting, respected leader with a huge value to offer, mentors and coaches are often underused by leaders who struggle to ask for help, these are the ones who likely need it the most.”

—Jennifer Goyetche, Change Manager, Government of Nova Scotia

What You Can Expect from LeadHERShip

  • A hands-on, results-based approach and a completely customized plan to guide you on the path to unlimited success. Think: long-range vision planning that will put any disjointed pieces into a workable, well-organized system.

  • ​Long term sustainable growth. It’s not about getting something fast. It’s about giving yourself the time to figure it out, with the right coaching, accountability, and systems to support your transformation.

  • Timeless leadership principles, with a female focus designed to help you reclaim your power, energy and even sanity, so you can put forth the effort to achieve big leaps.

  • ​A 360° support system to guide you through the strategy, mindset, and implementation that creates a true transformation from the inside out. 

  • With the LeadHerShip coaching program, you’ll embrace evolving and feel the confidence of having a long-term guide who can support you through any transformation.

Are YOU A Good Fit For This Program?

LeadHerShip Is Right For You If:

Check 1

You’ve already achieved a certain level of success, and want to go deeper and move faster in 2020, regardless of the changes in the world.

Check 1

You’re committed to your growth in 2020. You no longer want to stay stagnant, and you’re not about to let the uncertainty hold you back. You’re ready to evolve and you understand that now is the time to take action.

Check 1

You want to be challenged. You don’t need another motivational quote or affirmation to motivate you. You want tried and tested systems and strategies to move you forward and achieve even greater results.

LeadHerShip Is Not A Good Fit If:


You’re new to your business or the corporate world. This program is for women who have a vision of where they want to go, with experience to go with it.


You are looking for a cheerleader. This program is for women who want an experienced coach who will be honest and direct, tell them where they are stuck, and most importantly the strategies and steps required to course correct.


You’re not sure you have the time or interest to work toward your goals right now. Nothing changes if nothing changes, and this program requires you to take action.

Enrollment for LeadHERShip is Open

If you’re ready to take the reins and take back control of your future, LeadHerShip is the perfect program for you.

Space is limited so register today to secure your spot.

Investment is $700 +HST CDN per month for 6 months.

Or pay $4200 + HST in full now, and you’ll get a complimentary 1:1 VIP day exclusively with Harriette (valued at $5000).

Need Approval From Your Work? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Click here to download our informational PDF to submit to your supervisor or expense department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Join LeadHerShip Executive Group Coaching program?

There are many aspects to growth, mindset, skillset, and action. Many of the women I work with struggle with finding time to keep up with their own development and growth while juggling other commitments. Their growth can tend to take a back seat.  

In addition to that, not everyone understands what it truly takes to build an amazing career or start a new successful venture. Maybe you’re feeling isolated and don’t have anyone who understands where you’re coming from. I get it. 

I’ve built a successful career and business helping other people learn how to be successful, while being a mother at the same time. I know what feeling overwhelmed and isolated is all about. 

I truly believe this coaching experience will be the best thing you can do for YOU to take back control in these uncertain times and drive results when things are unpredictable.

Who will run LeadHerShip?

The LeadHerShip Executive Group Coaching program will be facilitated by me — Harriette Schumacher, Certified Executive Coach, and CEO of Big Leap Leadership Inc. 

Drawing on my 15-year high-level corporate career (where I participated in the development of thousands of leaders, designed and delivered global curriculum for numerous national and international companies, managed multi-million dollar training budgets), plus my training and experience as a certified executive coach, and my 7 years of building a successful coaching, speaking and consultant business (Big Leap Leadership Inc.), I understand — and have faced and overcome — the exact types of challenges you’re dealing with. 

In the last recession, but my husband and I lost our jobs — I was even let go during maternity leave! But I didn’t let that stop me. Instead, I started a business from the ground up. I launched from a scrappy office in my home’s laundry room, and my successes from the moment I took that risk and bet on myself have been unimaginable.

I’m committed to helping you navigate through these challenges with greater ease and efficacy and get you to the other side so success, reward and joy in your work can be attainable.

Is the Program Worth The Cost?


This executive group coaching program will elevate your mindset, clarify your priorities, and ignite your momentum. 

You’ll get both personal and group coaching from Harriette Schumacher, ongoing support, advice and input on your strategies. 

Because this is also a group program, you’ll get peer-to-peer coaching, encouragement, and accountability from the other participants.

And even better, by joining now, you’ll get complimentary access to the original LeadHerShip program, now a self-guided course that includes modules on topics such as Change Management, Mindset, Productivity, Time Management, Team Development, Money + Finance, and more.

And don’t worry, during our 1:1 development session, we’ll work together to create a customized plan of approach for how you can tackle the self-guided course so that you can jump into the material in a way that meets your immediate needs.

Who will be in my group?

Each “cohort” of this executive group coaching program will include highly-ambitious women who come from the amazing members of Harriette’s networks and community, including current and former course members and clients, her subscribers, followers of her LinkedIn and other social media platforms. 

You can expect a blend of high-level corporate women and female entrepreneurs who are ready to take the initiative to their next big leap.

When will we meet during this program?

LeadHerShip is a 6-month executive group coaching program. During that time, you can expect to meet for one intensive coaching session each month, and for shorter trainings twice weekly.

The intensive coaching sessions will be scheduled monthly, and group trainings will take place every Monday and Friday at 1pm EST/ 2pm AST.

But don’t worry if you need to miss one of the coach sessions. All calls will be recorded and sent out after each session.

Do You Offer Refunds?

Yes, we do. 

We are in the business of being real and delivering results. But we also know that doing the work is what drives results. 

If for any reason you would like a refund, please contact us within 30 days of enrollment. Show us that you’ve done the work and haven’t achieved results, and we’ll refund your payment no questions asked.

Are You Interested, But Unavailable For This Session?

This program might have been created with you in mind, but it’s understandable that not everyone has the same availability.

If the timeline is impossible for this round, but you’d like to join at a later date, sign up to receive updates about future workshop dates and other fun extras.

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It’s Time to Take Back Control of Your Life

Enroll in LeadHerShip now, before all of the spots are claimed!

Doors close on June 9, 2020.