Are you ready to accelerate your career and shape your future?

LeadHERship is a groundbreaking 12-week career accelerator program designed exclusively for for high-potential women ready to transform their careers and take control of their future.

YOU WERE meant to achieve GREAT THINGS.

Yet, you’re not exactly where you want to be in your career.

You might have a highly-regarded job or work at a successful company, but you crave more confidence, satisfaction, and influence.

You want to increase your impact—and your income—while truly developing your leadership potential. You’d love to use your voice more to speak up and out.

Your career is on pause despite your hard work and dedication. You find yourself at a crossroads, seeking more recognition, impact, and opportunities to lead.

And, even more importantly, you’d love to have these changes in your life without burning out.

You just don’t know what changes you need to make to achieve these things.

You’re working to build a career and a life that you’ll love.

But,  I bet that right now you are struggling with...


  • overwhelm
  • insecurity
  • uncertainty about the future
  • stagnation


  • a drop in your confidence
  • working more, yet earning the same salary
  • concerns over your career advancements
  • lack of development opportunities


Am I ever going to find my way past this career plateau? Will I be stuck in this role here forever?

Will I ever feel truly satisfied with my job? Will all of these long hours and overworking be worth it in the end?

Why isn’t my voice being heard? How do I get my higher-ups and even my team to pay attention and see me as a true leader?

Is there enough of me to show up — at my best — at home, at work, and in my community?


If you feel like you’re trying your best yet still not getting the results you want, you need a game plan to ensure your future. You’ve worked so hard to get to where you're at; now is not the time to give up.

If you want your vision to become reality, you’re going to need to make some changes.

LeadHERship is designed to address these challenges head-on, providing you with the strategies, skills, and support to overcome these barriers. By joining this program, you're not just signing up for leadership training; you're embarking on a journey to understand and navigate the obstacles between you and your rightful place in leadership

Jillian Robinson

“Leadhership was absolutely transformational for me…”

“When I began Harriette’s intensive coaching program, I was holding onto resentment from what had gone wrong in my career, and was extremely unclear on where my path was headed and what I truly wanted.

By week 3, I had a major breakthrough – I found the clarity and vision I had been seeking for years. Six weeks of professional development with Harriette allowed me to grow more as a professional than I had in years of searching on my own.

If you are a woman who knows she has what it takes, but is having trouble figuring out just how to get there, you need Harriette’s Leadhership program. I have found my confidence again, gotten clear on what exactly it is that I want, and have a solid plan on how to get there.”

Jillian Robinson, Director, Global Communications, Dash Hudson

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Molson Coors
Princeton University


Before LeadHERship

  • You feel invisible, your valuable contributions and innovative ideas are often overlooked.
  • Your career seems stuck on a plateau, lacking a clear path to advancement and no trajectory for growth.
  • Self-doubt and imposter syndrome cloud your perception of your true talents and abilities.
  • Overwhelm and burnout are constant companions as you struggle to balance your career and life demands.
  • Your contributions are undervalued, and steering change or swaying decisions seems like a constant struggle.
  • Experiencing a disconnect between who you know you are and how others perceive you.

After LeadHERship

  • You're confidently visible, voicing your ideas and gaining the recognition you deserve.
  • Your career trajectory is clearly defined, with actionable steps and strategies that break the cycle of stagnation.
  • Self-assurance replaces self-doubt as you internalize your worth and capabilities.
  • You achieve a harmonious balance between career ambitions and personal life, mastering strategies to prevent burnout.
  • Your ability to communicate and influence is heightened, enabling you to lead impactful changes and inspire those around you.
  • You embody an authentic leadership presence,, true to your values and vision, propelling you to lead with integrity and purpose.


Emerge with a renewed understanding of your unquestionable seat at the table and how to boldly assert your voice that will serve you for the rest of your career.

  • Women-Centric Curriculum

    Designed specifically to address the unique challenges women face, such as gender biases, work-life balance, and underrepresentation in leadership roles.

  • Supportive Community

    Safe space to learn and get support from a group of like-minded women who want to see each other succeed.

  • Actionable and Practical Tools

    Coaching playsheets, exercises, and personalized action plans ensure that learning translates into tangible outcomes.

  • Measured Growth

    Pre- and post-program self-assessment surveys allow participants to accurately measure their personal and professional growth.

  • Career Activism Approach

    Empowers women to architect their careers actively, with tools for advancement, negotiation, and self-promotion, rather than drifting passively.

  • Private Learning Portal

    Lifetime access to the LeadHerShip self-directed curriculum, resources, and recordings can be found in one location.

  • Flexible and Accessible

    The program is designed for busy professionals and provides flexible, bite-sized lessons, on-demand recordings, and lifetime access to suit various lifestyles.

  • Live Group Coaching

    Group coaching sessions with every module throughout the program to answer questions and provide support.

The LeadHERShip Curriculum

Module 01:The LeadHERship Advantage


Understand women's unique and transformative leadership advantage.

Module 02: vision crafting

Craft your vision

Explore your true purpose, what brings you meaning, and how to craft a vision for your future.

Module 03: resilient Mindset

Break free from limitations

Master evidence-based techniques to build unshakeable confidence, confront limiting beliefs, and conquer imposter syndrome.

Module 04: authentic presence

Power up your presence

Build your authentic brand, develop your executive presence and learn how to own the room.

Module 05: strategic relationships

Build your network

Learn how to strategically leverage relationships to power up your career progression.

Module 06: courageous communication

amplify your voice

Navigate feedback dynamics, advocate for your career aspirations, and negotiate with confidence.

Module 07: sustainable productivity

Thrive don't just survive

Learn how to set and keep boundaries, avoid burnout, and make sustainable well-being a part of your success strategy.

Module 08: career advocacy

lead tomorrow, today

Activate your career goals by building a roadmap to secure your future.

Leadership Coaching for Women with Harriette Schumacher

DISCOVER THE untapped potential  INSIDE YOU. 


 500+ women leaders, transformed. 


surveyed said they would recommend the program to a friend


have moved into a senior leadership role after completing the program


increase in leadership effectiveness measured across core leadership competencies

Hi, I’m Harriette Schumacher, Certified  Executive Coach

Women’s Leadership expert, and CREATOR Of LEADHERSHIP.

For over 20 years, I’ve led business and leadership transformations for a global clientele. My work with Fortune 500 leaders enables me to understand what’s required to make big shifts and generate results.

I’m passionate about elevating women into leadership and I’m proud to say that women I’ve worked with are better prepared and more confident to succeed in today’s challenging environment.

I hold a Master’s in Executive & Organizational Coaching, and multiple industry credentials, but the women I work with choose to partner with me because of my tenacity, and down-to-earth approach to helping them succeed.

I created this program because I believe the world needs better leaders, and they need to be women.

I want to equip you with the skills, strategies, coaching, and support to achieve the career and life that you want.

My career journey hasn’t always been easy. I didn’t get to where I am on my own. I’ve needed to invest in my growth, and sought the counsel of coaches to guide me, challenge me, and hold me accountable when things got hard and I wanted to quit.

I’m ready to be that person for you.

Are you ready to step into what’s next for you?

The goal of LeadHERShip? More WOMEN leaders wielding…

Positive Impact. Fulfillment. Resilience.

…For strong, balanced organizations.

Shannon LeBlanc

“I don’t have as much self-doubt when I’m in a meeting with my team…”

“I’m able to temper my emotions but still, express my opinion. I see the leadership team looking to me. We work together better. I feel like we are all pulling towards the same goal, not just me pushing. If you are willing to commit to the change you want to see in your life and career get off the fence and jump in! It’s more than worth it! It was an amazing experience to push myself, but I also feel validated about the woman leader I am and can grow into.”

Shannon LeBlanc, Chief Operations Officer, Hallmark Dental

Kyla Morgan

“Leadhership is 100% worth the time."

“Ignore the voice that says you don’t have the time during work hours; the value is tenfold the time you take from your workday.”

Kyla Morgan

Director of Human Resources, Seaboard Atlantic

Martha Hrawdowy

“My investment in LeadHERship paid off with a job advancement within 8 months of beginning the program.”

My participation in leadhership resulted in a personal transformation. I am better prepared to handle difficult Interactions at work. In addition, I leaned in and did the work on myself, and that has also resulted in improved work performance and overall feeling more confident.

My investment paid off 5x with a significant promotion. 

Martha Hrawdowy

Executive Officer, Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation


"LeadHERship is seriously a game changer. It will transform your mindset and give you the tools to make changes and propel yourself forward.

"LeadHERship inspired me to be better! To strive to be the best version of myself!

It is truly a unique and rewarding experience. If you want to invest in your future, I highly recommend the LeadHERship program!"

Beth Grady

Senior Project Manager

Izzy Yasana

“I hope that managers/leaders understand the importance of this program and staying present and allowing each teammate to go through it…”

"Leadhership is so highly recommended. Harriette is an absolute genius and is so caring, direct, nurturing coach that brings you into the center of growth, development and future forward aspirations and goals. I'm so honored to have been a part of this program and now within her circle.

I'm truly inspired by the work that she is creating and has cultivated for this community. Highly recommend. I hope that managers/leaders understand the importance of this program and staying present and allowing each teammate to go through it."

Izzy Yasana

Value Brand Manager, Nike


"I was feeling overwhelmed and questioning my purpose/direction."

I needed to take action and put myself first before I could help my team or those around me.
Honestly, life-changing. Not only in my work but also in my personal life. I’m more focused and motivated in everything I do. I’ve found and kept focus on myself and my work-life balance.
A huge thank you to Harriette and my cohort. You have all made me find my purpose.

Michelle Bussey


Jeanette Melgarejo

“Harriette is invested, self-aware, and most importantly, deeply caring about who she partners with…”

"Harriette creates a container for people to show up fully as they are, validate the truth in their lived experience, and be a co-conspirator in building a path forward that is led by the individual - informed by her depth of knowledge. She is invested, self-aware, and most importantly, deeply caring about who she partners with."

Jeanette Melgarejo

Director Diversity, Equity + Inclusion, Nike

Vanyah Harrigan

“Do not hesitate in embarking on this journey with Leadhership – it will transform your life…”

I would wholeheartedly recommend Leadhership to friends and clients who are committed to preparing to lead with conviction and integrity.

It’s been a wonderful place of self-discovery and growth which I highly recommend- especially to those who were newly promoted into Director and VP roles. I gained and unlocked so much personally and professionally from our time together. There are things I’ve wrestled with expressing for most of my adult life and that freedom and clarity is priceless.

Harriette truly has a gift in honouring where your broken bits are and creating a space that is restorative of women who have been burnt out while also commanding the best of you to craft a new view of self and embodying a new kind of leadership.”

Vanyah Harrigan

Director, Princeton University


I  have made huge strides in my strategy development...”

with the skills gained from this course as well as applying a lot of the small tips shared among the group in my day-to-day work."

Sharon Cattan

Senior Corporate Social Responsibility and Internal Communications Specialist, ANBL


"Deciding to join LeadHERship was one of the best decisions of my life - it was a game changer!"

"I'm so grateful that Harriette is sharing her gifts with the world in this way.  It's clear that she genuinely cares about us and is extremely supportive, even if that means challenging our way of thinking and asking tough questions. She is always 100% present, even when you know she's got other things going on - she made me feel both seen and heard, which is unfortunately rare these days, ESPECIALLY in a virtual setting. I found a whole tribe of women leaders who are also on their own journeys and take great pleasure from knowing we will continue to be there for each other even after LeadHERship has ended."

Catherine Fox

Manager, Organizational Development


"I was VERY close to burnout."

I know I am a better leader than before I started the LeadHERship Program.

The program provides the coaching, accountability, tools, and support to achieve the results you want and set goals for the future.

The impacts on myself, my team and my results were numerous.

Jennifer Longergan

District Manager


"I was feeling like a victim at work and had poor boundaries and insecurity..."

which led to that sense of being overwhelmed all the time. I didn't feel successful or even good at my job anymore, and I knew that the problem wasn't everyone else but me, you know? I knew I was a part of the problem; I just didn't know how to fix it.

Harriette asked pointed questions, and I heard from the cohort members. Both of these opportunities helped me see myself more accurately.

KV Vargscarr

Chief Operating Officer


Are you a good fit for this program?

Leadership Coaching for Women with Harriette Schumacher
  • You've already achieved a level of success but you want to go further faster.
  • You're committed to your growth.You no longer want to stay stagnant. It’s time to evolve; now is the time to take action.
  • You want to be challenged. You don’t need another motivational quote or affirmation to motivate you. You want tried and tested systems and strategies to move you forward and achieve even greater results.
  • You value the power of community, eager to connect, share with, and learn from a network of like-minded women leaders.
  • You're poised to step into senior leadershipor increase your effectiveness in your current role.


What sets this program apart?

Accountability and live coaching: Many leadership courses are short-lived, leaving participants to implement change on their own without follow-up support. With Leadhership, you get continuous engagement, including crucial post-program support.

Tailored for women: Unlike general programs, Leadhership is specifically crafted for women, addressing the unique challenges they face in today's workplaces, and positioning your organization to recruit and retain valuable women.

When does the program start?

Our next cohort kicks off in September 2024.

How much does the program cost?

The program is CDN $1995 + HST.

I'd like to register a group from my organization. Is this possible?

Yes. You can register a group. If you need support with registering or would rather pay via invoice, please email Olivia at olivia@harrietteschumacher.com for immediate support.

What is the time commitment?

We know your time is valuable, and we want to ensure you are set up for success.
You will have two weeks to complete each module. ( 8 modules over 4 months), with around an hour of learning content over the two week period.

Expect to invest an one hour of self-directed pre-work bi-weekly, and one hour between sessions applying the concepts and completing assignments.

You also have lifetime access to the program so you can back and complete any lessons that you may have missed.

All of our calls are recorded and hosted inside the membership portal for you to watch later if you miss a live session.

Who should enroll in this program?

If you or the women in your organization:

  • Are driven to elevate their careers.
  • Seek enhanced effectiveness in their roles.
  • Are committed to investing in their future growth.
  • Crave challenges and inspiration.
  • Aim to lead with significant impact.

Then Leadhership was made for you!

How do I get my employer to sponsor me to attend? 

Because LeadHERship will substantially benefit your employer and workplace, we recommend participants speak with their bosses about investing in their development and paying the program fee on their behalf.

In saying this, many women join our women's program without financial support from their workplaces because while yes, your participation will inevitably benefit your employer, it will have the most profound impact on your career and life.

Want help asking?

Download our Securing Sponsorship Guide.

Have a different question?

Great! Reach out to us directly at harriette@harrietteschumacher.com.

Patty Payne

“Females often doubt their abilities, struggle with finding their voices and owning their power. Harriette can help break through the fog and bring forth clarity to aid in becoming the strong women we are meant to be….”

“Before I joined Leadhership , I was struggling to find balance in my life and had forgotten how to put myself back on the priority list.

I was feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to better my situation. While I was skeptical of how the program may benefit me, I owed it to myself to take the next step and have not regretted taking the leap. Harriette has helped me to recognize where I could introduce boundaries, schedule time for tasks and personal needs, and start to achieve more harmony in my day. In addition, I have had my eyes opened to my many achievements and successes, which is helping to build confidence in my abilities.

I joined Leadherhip because of Harriette’s pledge to service women and help them succeed. Through the process, I have not only learned from Harriette, but also from the amazing breadth of knowledge and experience shared amongst other female participants in the program. Some of these are simple, common-sense approaches that women lose sight of when juggling so many daily roles and responsibilities. My life will always be a work in progress; however, I am confident that I have developed self-awareness toward becoming my best self.
Women that are struggling with seeking themselves, professionally or personally – or perhaps a combination of both, should give serious consideration to committing to the leadhership program.

Females often doubt their abilities, struggle with finding their voices, and own their power. Harriette can help break through the fog and bring forth clarity to aid in becoming the strong women we are meant to be.”

Patty Payne, Senior Manager, Bell Media

IT'S TIME TO put yourself FIRST. 

Empower, Equip, Elevate.