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Free Downloads

From workbooks to webinars, these free downloads will help you navigate your leadership journey.

Learn the powerful and unique way that women lead

In this webinar, learn why female leadership matters now more than ever before.  Discover How we can unleash our individual and collective power to create meaningful change.

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Help Your Career Grow Through Relationships

This planner goes through a variety of thought-provoking questions to help you identify the five key relationships you need to positively impact your career growth, and how to enhance those relationships for success.


Map out Your Career

This guide helps you to evaluate your current status, and provides practical, systematic steps to develop your professional goals and how to achieve success.


Connect Actions with Thinking Patterns

Highlight your leader’s opportunities for development and effectiveness by shining a light on the underlying thinking patterns that drive their current behavior.


Assess Your Organization 

This gender equity checklist was created to help you assess how your workplace is working for women. Use this tool for yourself, or use it with your team to spark an honest conversation to analyze the current reality for women. 


Identify Key Factors Impacting Team Performance

Learn common challenges that teams often face and develop solutions that create results that matter to you and your organization.


Move From Disruption to Opportunity

During challenging times, support your top talent so they’re prepared to lead your organization into the future. 


The Difference That Makes All The Difference is Confidence

How to boost your confidence in an authentic and dynamic way—from the inside out. It’s time to overcome the barriers that keep you playing small.