Leadhership Case Study

Martha Hradowy

Executive Officer, Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation

Martha was elected to provincial office 4 years ago. She has 1 direct report. She sits on the Board of Directors, who play a crucial role in helping her company meet their objectives. 

Martha wanted to move to the next level in her career and figure out how she could manage a work/life balance. She was experiencing self doubt in her capabilities, she was feeling down, deflated and lacked self-confidence. 

Her roadblocks were impacting her personally, and until she figured out her strengths and weaknesses she wasn’t able to improve either.

So she started looking for professional development opportunities designed for women and found Harriette on social media.

“The obvious advantage was that I could fully participate in a small group of women...

...and not feel afraid that what I was experiencing or saying was going to be judged.”

Martha felt like LeadHERship was a safe space as it was comprised of other like-minded women. Her favourite part of LeadHERship was being able to feel confident and other women truly being in her corner and wanting her to succeed.


“My participation in LeadHERship resulted in a personal transformation. I am better prepared to handle difficult interactions at work.

In addition, I leaned in and did the work on myself and that has resulted in improved work performance and overall more confidence.

My investment in LeadHERship paid off with a job advancement within 8 months of beginning the program.”