Leadhership Case Study

Kyla Morgan

Director of HR, Seaboard Transport Group of Companies

Kyla has over nine years in the HR field and has six direct reports. Through LeadHERship, Kyla learned to set a strategic direction on HR initiatives and actively contribute to her organization’s most important initiatives.

Prior to starting LeadHERship, Kyla had been promoted. She was working on viewing herself as a Director but was still operating as a super-manager/worker bee.

“I was “doing” instead of teaching. I needed to be empowering my team at work and making good confident decisions.”

Kyla had worked through webinars and one-off events through the years, but nothing really stuck. She needed that 1:1 aspect to thrive.

“Investing in yourself, whether you do it 100% on your own or you are fortunate to work for an organization willing to invest in you,

is worth every minute to learn and truly gain skills to propel you forward in your career and your personal life.”

LeadHERship provided Kyla with a safe space to be able to share and feel connected with others that had similar experiences.

After completing LeadHERship, Kyla got to know herself outside of her work persona and created life-long connections with like-minded women. It gave her clarity on why she does things in specific ways, why she reacts the way she does and how to make positive changes that lead to better results.  She is in tune with her authentic leadership style and how she wants to lead in the future.

“LeadHERship is 100% worth the time. Ignore the voice that says you don't have the time during work hours; the value is tenfold the time you take from your workday.”