The world needs better leaders, and they need to be women.

At our current rate of change, it will take 200 years to close the gender gap. 

I’m not waiting that long.

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I’ve studied leadership my whole life.

And I’ve studied female leaders my whole life.

From my great-grandmother who walked miles alone as a widow to create a better life for herself, to my mother, grandmother, and aunts who taught me about grit and tenacity, and the pursuit of what’s possible, to the women I’ve worked with as a coach, trainer, mentor, speaker and guide, I’ve learned that… women have always been powerful. 

And yet, I know you may not see yourself that way.

You crave confidence — you want a career that allows you to show up as your true self and lead with power and assertiveness.

But, right now you’re probably struggling with feelings of 

  • inadequacy 
  • insecurity 
  • inundation
  • overwhelm

Mostly, you find yourself frustrated, knowing that you have the skills to achieve anything you put your mind to but you're not getting results fast enough.

What you need now is a partner who will hold you accountable. Someone who will point out your blind spots. Someone who will draw out your strengths. Someone who is truly invested in helping you succeed — in all the areas of your life.

The person you need to work with is me.


Hi, I’m Harriette Schumacher

CEO of Big Leap Leadership Inc, Certified Executive Coach, and Women’s Leadership Development Expert

For the past 20 years, I’ve been facilitating business and leadership transformation on a global level. Working with clients like Ford, TJX/Winners, Estee Lauder, Samsung and Emera, I’ve hosted thousands of conversations with women leaders like you about what it takes to succeed.

You tell me you spend most of your days:

  • Working hard hoping someone will notice
  • Saying yes to things you don’t fully want to say yes to
  • Putting other people’s needs before your own
  • Building relationships but not actually leveraging them
  • Playing it “safe” and flying under the radar
  • Pleasing others in an effort to be nice

You’ve also told me you think working this way will get you promoted. Wrong. 

Here’s what this actually translates to:

  •  “Don't know what she stands for.”
  • “What did she do this year? She hasn't told us.”
  • “Didn't hear her voice around the table. Does she even care?”
  • “We can’t possibly promote her, she’s too valuable”
  • “She’s not ready, yet.”

You give at work. You give at home. You've been waiting forever to get rewarded. That strategy works. Until it doesn't.

I can help get you farther, faster.

Let's be powerful together,


I’ve built a successful career and business while being a mother at the same time.

My professional mission is to help high-performing women gain confidence, conviction, and rise to the challenges and opportunities leadership presents. And my personal goal is to build a better world and brighter future for my daughters.

Harriette with Daughters

I understand the unique challenges women in leadership are facing and I'm here to be your guide.

In 2020, I launched LeadHERship, a premier executive coaching program for women who want to ascend to more senior levels of leadership.

I was nominated as an RBC Woman of Influence, a WXN Top 100 Most Powerful Woman, and named a 2021 Top Coach to Watch by Yahoo Finance.

My podcast, The LeadHERship Show, was ranked as a top Career Podcast in Canada. 

My clients describe me as direct and down-to-earth, tenacious, and know I will be there with them every step of the way. 

I'm here for you every step of the way as you redefine your own blueprint for career success. 

Together, we'll:

  1. Navigate change and map out a plan to reach your goals
  2. Learn how to advocate for yourself and your career 
  3. Uncover the best solutions to your biggest issues
  4. Equip you with the courage to initiate conversations that get results.
  5. Help you develop into the leader you know you’re capable of becoming.

Success Stories


“Harriette is a compelling and charismatic influencer, coach and presenter with a natural ability to engage and motivate her audience. She is the consummate professional and always meticulously prepared for all events. A professional with well-honed instincts in reading and gauging her audience Harriette sets the tone and capitalizes on the best strategy for the group. I always looked forward to coaching and training events with Harriette knowing that I would be engaged, empowered and entertained while ultimately learning new skills and gaining awareness.”

—Angie Hutchinson, Director of Supply Chain Management, Marine Atlantic


"Harriette is a powerful force with the knowledge, and ability to teach what she knows to inspire and empower business leaders in every industry. Her vast experience and insights are exactly what you need to grow, even in the most challenging circumstances. She continually pushes beyond the comfort zone, and in turn, lights a fire that leads to growth. I'm grateful for her expertise and know that my personal and business growth has been greatly impacted by her course."

Vicky Mina, Owner, Vicky Mina Makeup


"Harriette is an outstanding coach.  She is not only an extremely skilled coach, but also approachable and just so damned likable!  Whether you are looking to work on your time management skills, how to improve your relationship with money, or my favourite – dealing with change management … Harriette’s got you covered.  I have made huge strides in my strategy development with the skills gained from this course, as well as applied a lot of the small tips shared among the group in my day to day work.  Take this course – you won’t be sorry."

Sharon Cattan, Senior Corporate Social Responsibility and Internal Communications Specialist, ANBL

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