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Let’s be honest. Coaching is everywhere. You are spoiled with choice. But not all coaching delivers results.

Without total buy-in, accountability, and — crucially — measurable benchmarks, coaching leads to only fleeting motivation… and then it’s back to old habits. Let’s shift the narrative together, shall we?

The leaders I guide experience not only a boost in confidence but also an impressive 113% boost in leadership effectiveness. Their transformation ripples out and leads to happier teams, streamlined operations, and better profitability.

I’m committed to a partnership that drives real progress, ensuring that you don’t just meet but exceed your goals.

Your leadership transformation begins here.

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Lauren Nunes

“She helped me lean into my style in order to effectively build my leadership skills…”

“Harriette is simply amazing. She has the life experience to provide valuable insights and guidance and she helped me lean into my style in order to effectively build my leadership skills. I benefited tremendously from working with her and I highly recommend her as an executive coach.”

Lauren Nunes, Chief People Officer, Twitch.TV


In today’s dynamic world, showing the tangible benefits of any investment is essential.

Though coaching is deeply personal, the outcomes shouldn’t be completely subjective. The clear returns from my executive coaching approach will bridge your personal growth with impactful business achievements — showcasing the true value of your investment.

Amie Haughn

“We can be productive in our relationships as we work through economic and social change…”

“Harriette has given my leadership team the ability to enter into a dialogue about core elements of our work in a positive and constructive way and is lending itself to change and opportunities for our work team.

The framework and models we learned are used by us day-to-day and we’re getting more things accomplished. And we’re not only doing this with our team but we’re also taking this approach with our stakeholders and teaching them as well so that we can be productive in our relationships as we work through economic and social change in the province of Nova Scotia.”

Amie Haughn, Director, Employment Programs, Labour and Advanced Education

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